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Fleet dashcams are an essential part of fleet management. Fleetistics has been offering fleet dashcams in Tampa and Florida since they came out. Dashcams can be used to reduce insurance premiums and are sometimes needed to avoid being put out of business due to high accident rates.

Some companies use fleet dashcams for training and to avoid accidents, others use it to simply make the insurance company happy. Fleet managers wanting to get ahead of fleet safety issues will want fleet dashcams with AI or artificial intelligence. AI identifies driving behaviors that may be unsafe so fleet managers do not have to view hours of video to spot unwanted driving behavior. Fleetistics offers several fleet dashcams ranging in price from basic and affordable, to advance AI technology.

Tampa Dashcams
Tampa Dashcams

Get Fleet Dashcams in Tampa

Fleetistics started in GPS vehicle tracking in 2001. As fleet management has evolved, Fleetistics has incorporated new technology such as telematics and dashcams. Fleet operators in Tampa have the advantage of being able to meet face to face to meet Fleetistics’ team members and to review progress.

“False Positives” With Fleet Dashcam

One challenge with fleet dashcam AI is dealing with false positives. A false positive is when the AI incorrectly determines the driver is exhibiting unwanted behavior. False positives happen with all fleet dashcams but some have better AI than others. You can imagine how hard it is to determine if someone is scratching their head or holding a cell phone to their ear.

False positives consume time and make using a fleet dashcam without AI less efficient. It takes time to develop AI and because it saves fleet managers time, it simply cost more.

How To Address Video False Positives

Reducing the number of false positives is a challenge. AI is not perfect and people are unique. This makes it extremely difficult to for AI engineers to get 100% accuracy. In fact, there is not a fleet dashcam that is 100% accurate. To minimize the time needed to review the fleet video, fleet managers have a few options.

  • Outsource the video review – Third party companies can review your video for you and flag the videos which are true vehicle safety issues so you can only a address accurate videos.
  • Different Dashcam options – Find a fleet dashcam that has a lower false positive rate.
  • Driver Dashcam Education – Work with the drivers to reduce unwanted behavior by frequently addressing it and making it a priority.

If you are looking for fleet dashcams in Tampa, Florida or anywhere in the United States, contact Fleetistics to learn more.

Fleet Dashcam AI - Cell Phone While Driving
Fleet Dashcam AI - Cell Phone While Driving
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