• 10% avg savings moving from other payment method
  • 9% moving from other fuel card
  • 2 days of admin work saved
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Consolidate Fuel & Routine Purchases 

Say goodbye to multiple credit cards and personal expenses. Fleetistics Fleet Credit Card simplifies your administrative tasks by consolidating all your purchasing needs into one card, one report, and a real-time online expense tracking system.

  • One card for all purchasing anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Manage fuel gallons, type, frequency and location
  • Stop theft immediately
  • Stop overspending
  • Reduce administrative reconciliation time
  • Daily spending limits
  • Transaction limits
  • Purchase category controls
  • Day and time controls
  • Online administration & reporting
  • Instantly “terminate” a card if lost or driver leaves
  • Enable exceptions by SMS
Fuel Management

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“The most extensive purchasing control card I’ve seen in 22 years. Every business with workers making purchases in the field must have this service.”


President, IGTech365

Fleet Fuel Card
Fleet Fuel and Purchase Card by Coast Pay
Fuel Card for Fleets by Coast Pay
Fleet Fuel and Purchase Card by Coast Pay

Fuel Management Features


Purchase beyond fuel

Unlike traditional fuel cards, the Fleetistics Fleet Credit Card allows you to purchase anything, anywhere Visa is accepted. This provides your drivers with more flexibility and eliminates the need for additional cards.

Advanced spending controls

Set spending limits by amount or number of transactions, and enable specific spending categories (fuel, home goods, travel, etc.) for even greater control.

Comprehensive reporting and dashboard

Access real-time reports and dashboards to monitor fuel usage, spending patterns, and driver activity, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your fleet operations.

Instant card management

Activate or deactivate cards instantly through the online portal, providing immediate control over card usage.

Assign cards to drivers, not vehicles

Finally! Assign cards to individual drivers for personalized tracking and accountability.

Keep spare cards readily available

Store spare cards in your office without incurring additional monthly fees.

Receipt photo capture

Require receipt photos for transactions exceeding a specified amount, ensuring proper documentation and expense tracking.

Streamlined group management

Create group policies for quick and easy card setup and management across your entire fleet.

Purchase Card Program - Learn More


How does the Fleet Credit Card Work?

It can be used for fuel and fleet expenses at any gas station or truck stop where Visa is accepted, meaning your drivers can fill up at the least expensive, most convenient station. We’ll alert you of risky transactions so you can set rules and stop fraud before it can impact your business. No matter how many vehicles you have, you need to be in control of what your fleet spends. With Coast, you can set limits, issue cards, and authorize payments in a few clicks.
Fleet Card Pricing and Features
  • Save $.02 per gal everywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Save an additional $.04 per gal at RaceTrac gas stations
  • Won’t affect personal credit
  • No personal guarantee
  • Apply in minutes
  • Rewards & rebates
  • Since it is a Visa card, it is not limited to specific networks or brands.

Benefits of Fuel Management

Get rid of multiple credit cards and personal credit cards. Consolidate purchasing methods and ease administrative processes. One card, one report. No more expense reports because it is updated in real-time for every charge.

Reduced administrative costs

By consolidating fuel and routine purchases into one card, you can significantly reduce administrative time and paperwork.

Improved fuel efficiency

Gain valuable insights into fuel usage and driver behavior, allowing you to implement fuel-saving strategies and reduce overall fuel consumption.

Enhanced driver accountability

Individual card assignment and spending controls promote responsible driver behavior and minimize unauthorized use.

Real-time expense tracking

Gain immediate access to detailed spending reports and data, enabling you to track your fleet’s expenses accurately and efficiently.

Increased operational efficiency

Streamlined card management and improved visibility into your fleet’s activities contribute to a more efficient and productive operation.

Enhanced budget control

Set spending limits and track expenses in real-time, ensuring you stay within budget and avoid unexpected costs.

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