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Fleetistics Analytics Premium Business Intelligence


Designed for Enterprise Fleets, Fleetistics Analytics assembles your data into easily digestable formats to provide the business intelligence needed for large fleet management. Business Intelligence, commonly referred to as BI, is the concept of converting data to actionable information that drives rapid decision making. Graphs and charts aid in the delivery of BI to help users see patterns and make associations to trends. Fleetistics Analytics make this process nearly effortless.

Redefine Your Safety Program

This intuitive interface brings your data to life and allows you to see performance trends over a dynamic period of time.

Manage groups, drivers, or vehicles with customizble metrics to quickly identify coaching opportunities and be alerted when drivers exceed the safety thresholds you set.

The integrated leaderboard makes it easy to engage drivers by encouraging competition (gamification) to reward safe driving and team improvement.

Fleetistics Analytics Scorecard

Driver Coaching

Enhance driver performance and safety by identifying areas for individual driver improvement and targeted coaching

Tailor coaching to align with your specific business standards.

Empowers Fleet Mangers to promptly address current issues and improve driver behavior.

driver coaching report and tools

Consolidated Camera AI & Engine Data

Advanced video analysis utilizes camera feeds for comprehensive insights into vehicle behavior and driver actions.

Integrated engine diagnostics for a holistic view combining video analtics for critical vehicle and driver performance metrics.

Driver safety assessment to evaluate asherence to safety protocols and foster a safe driving culture.

Consolidated camera, maintenance, safety data

Benchmarks & Trends

Implement a tailored points-based system to assess driver risks for a personalized approach to performance evealuation.

Explore trends for various aspects based on individuals, or groups based on department, branch, vehicle type,  vehicle use or any other grouping within your database.

Effortlessly export data to third party analytics such as PowerBi for even deeper insights and comprehensive analysis.

Compliance and utilization