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At Fleetistics, we understand the importance of compliance in the dynamic world of fleet management. Our user-friendly software, coupled with dedicated support, empowers you to effortlessly navigate and conquer the challenges of ELD, DVIR, IFTA, and Fleet Policy management.

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Your Partner in Fleet Compliance

Your trusted ally in streamlining ELD, DVIR, IFTA, and Fleet Policy management. Our comprehensive Fleet Management Software empowers you to achieve seamless compliance, ensuring your fleet operates efficiently, legally, and with utmost safety.

Fleetistics Compliance Process

Log Management: The Power of ELD

The ELD mandate is no longer a looming shadow on the horizon; it’s here to stay. But with Fleetistics, you don’t have to navigate the complexities of ELD compliance alone. Our powerful ELD solutions take the guesswork out of Hours of Service (HOS) tracking, providing you with: 


Real-time data dashboards

Monitor driver status, hours of service, and duty status changes instantly, catching potential violations before they happen.

Simple step-by-step processes

Guide drivers through ELD usage with clear instructions and pop-up notifications, ensuring accurate and compliant logs.

Automated reminders

Keep drivers on track with automatic alerts for sign-in/out, low HOS levels, and approaching duty limits.

Effortless log management

Track unassigned logs, mark them all at once, and easily access historical data for audits or reporting.
Fleet ELD Application
Geotab Drive Mobile App for ELD
Fleet ELD Solution using Geotab Drive

ELD Administrator Tools

The Settings Validator is designed to help administrators view important driver & vehicle information necessary for roadside inspection. Electronic Driver Logs have proven to save fleet managers 60+ man-hours needed in the past to administer traditional driver logs. Fleetistics’ Geotab Drive platform connected to the GO device offers DOT , HOS and FMCSA fleet compliance. With a wide variety of customizable rules and reports to keep the administrator on top of what’s important, Geotab Drive makes management more manageable.

Fleet Compliance Dashboards

Driver Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics: DVIR Logs

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring vehicle safety. But let’s be honest, traditional paper forms are a recipe for frustration and missed details. Fleetistics’ DVIR solutions revolutionize the process, making it:

Easy workflows

Give drivers easy to follow workflows for pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

Custom Notifications

Be notified of problems and missed inspections. (And customize those alerts.)

Structured System

Keep pictures and comments for Inspection reports all in one place.

Automated Process

When you need a repair, let the mechanic know right away through the system.

IFTA: Conquer the Fuel Tax Maze

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) can be a complex and confusing beast, but Fleetistics’ IFTA reporting tools help you navigate it with confidence. We offer:

Automated fuel tax calculations

Eliminate manual calculations and ensure accuracy with our built-in IFTA tax engine.

Seamless reporting

Generate and submit IFTA reports electronically, saving you time and paperwork headaches.

Real-time tracking

Monitor fuel consumption and mileage data to optimize routes and identify potential fuel tax issues.

Compliance confidence

Rest assured knowing your IFTA reporting is accurate and timely, avoiding costly penalties and fines.

Fleet Policy: Your Roadmap to a Safe and Efficient Fleet

Having clear and well-defined fleet policies is essential for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Fleetistics helps you create, communicate, and enforce policies that:

Promote driver safety

Establish guidelines for safe driving practices, vehicle maintenance, and accident reporting.


Boost efficiency

Optimize routes, fuel usage, and overall fleet operations through standardized procedures.

Improve communication

Ensure everyone is on the same page with clear and accessible policy documents and training materials.

Reduce risk

Mitigate potential liabilities and legal issues by having documented policies in place.

Fleet Compliance Benefits

Fleetistics’ solutions offer a multitude of benefits that empower businesses to optimize their fleet operations and enhance compliance:

USA and Canada Compliance

Our solutions are fully compliant with all applicable ELD, DVIR, and IFTA regulations in both the United States and Canada.

Unmatched Usability

Our user-friendly platform is designed for drivers and fleet managers of all experience levels, ensuring effortless navigation and efficient compliance management.

Geotab Drive Integration

Fleetistics seamlessly integrates with Geotab Drive, providing a consistent workflow for inspections, log certification, and overall compliance adherence.

Comprehensive Rulesets

Our extensive library of USA, individual state, and Canadian rulesets allows drivers to easily understand their limits based on their current jurisdiction.

Team Driving Support

Geotab Drive effectively manages team driving scenarios, including sleeper berth usage and exemptions for emergencies, yard moves, and personal conveyance.

Intuitive Driver Interface

Fleetistics’ intuitive driver interface simplifies electronic driver log management, reducing administrative burdens and saving valuable time.

Settings Validator

Our Settings Validator tool quickly identifies any missing or inaccurate driver and vehicle information, ensuring compliance readiness for roadside inspections.

ELD Info Add-In

The ELD Info Add-In provides drivers with instant access to essential resources, including roadside inspection documents and Geotab Drive tutorial videos.
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