Geotab fleet management

The Geotab platform offers the most complete fleet management solution on the market, offering a wide range of features to help businesses of all sizes track, manage and optimize their fleets. Fleetistics has over 23 years of Geotab experience and is the oldest reseller in the USA! Fleetistics can help improve fleet visibility, reduce costs, improve safety, enhance compliance, and increase productivity.

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Geotab Reseller for Telematics in Florida

Fleet Management Ecosystem

Explore the most advanced and flexible telematics system trusted on over 4,000, 000 assets. 

The Complete Fleet Management Software Solution

Fleetistics GO is our most comprehensive fleet management software solution, designed specifically to help you stay on top of large and enterprise fleets. With our wide range of fleet management services you can track, manage, and optimize your fleet of vehicles.

Our Go fleet management system is trusted by prominent fleets such as UPS, PepsiCo, Orange County Fl, Orkin Pest Control and many more!

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Geotab Platform Features

In today’s dynamic business landscape, fleet management has become an indispensable tool for optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing safety. Fleetistics’ Go Platform is the ideal solution for large fleets seeking comprehensive fleet management capabilities. With its robust features, intuitive interface, and scalable design, the Go Platform empowers you to take control of your fleet and achieve operational excellence.

GPS vehicle tracking

Track your vehicles in real time and see their location history.



Collect and analyze data from your vehicles to improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs and save time.



Compliance management with ELD, DVIR, and IFTA regulations.


Dashcam integration

Record video footage from your vehicles to improve safety and protect your business.


Government-specific servers for cybersecurity:

Store your data on secure government-specific servers.


Multi-lingual interface

Access Fleetistics in multiple languages.

Unleash a World of Optimization

The Go Platform is packed with powerful features that address every aspect of fleet management. From real-time GPS tracking and route optimization to fuel management and driver safety monitoring, the Go Platform provides a holistic view of your fleet operations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that maximize productivity and minimize expenses.

Go Platform dashboards

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Fleetistics’ GO platform offers comprehensive custom dashboards and reports that transform raw data into actionable intelligence, empowering you to make informed decisions based on real-time insights into your fleet’s performance.

Go Mapping Dashboard

Mapping for Seamless Navigation

The Go Platform’s integrated mapping module provides detailed maps and real-time traffic updates, enabling your dispatchers and drivers to plan efficient routes and avoid congestion. With advanced features like geofencing and zone management, you can also set up alerts for unauthorized vehicle movements and ensure adherence to designated areas of operation.

Go Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking for Total Asset Visibility

Manage Your Fleet with Fleetistics’ Versatile GPS Telematics Equipment. Fleetistics offers a comprehensive suite of GPS telematics equipment and peripheral devices that work on a variety of vehicles and assets.


ELD & DVIR Compliance Simplified

Geotab Drive provides a consistent workflow assuring that inspections are completed and logs are certified keeping drivers compliant. Each time a driver logs on or off duty, drives or rests, the system automatically calculates their available drive time and hours of available service for the specific ruleset the driver is assigned.

Go Mobile Dashboards

Mobile App for On-the-Go Management

Streamline your fleet operations and gain real-time insights with Geotab Mobile Apps, a comprehensive suite of mobile applications designed to enhance your fleet management experience.

Go Service Plans

Service Plans for Tailored Support

Manage your fleet effectively with Fleetistics’ comprehensive service plans designed to meet the specific requirements of small, medium, and large fleets.

go platform dashboards

GO provides an ecosystem, not a flat system. It is highly modular and expandable and is designed specifically to enable fleets to grow in any direction. Acting as a data hub, Geotab encourages integration from over 200 partners.
Geotab Go Platform Dashboards
CrewChief Dashcam Dashboards

Geotab Brochure

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Our Fleet Management Partners

The below GPS partners have integrated additional products and services with the GO GPS tracking and telematics system. These are just a few of the opportunities for Fleetistics customers to expand services as new needs arise. GPS tracking is just the beginning with the GO platform. Until you know what you don’t know today, having a system that affords your company flexibility to resolve issues is an excellent investment. Quite honestly, why would you pay the same price for a closed system?
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Go Platform Benefits

GO offers 4 levels of service with the most popular being ProPlus. One feature provided with ProPlus is roadside assistance for cars and light duty vehicles.

Improved fleet visibility

Receive real-time data and visibility into your entire fleet, so that you always know where your vehicles are and what they’re doing.

Reduced operating costs

Reduce costs in a number of ways, such as by optimizing fuel usage, reducing idle time, route optimization, and improving vehicle maintenance scheduling.

Improved safety

Improve safety by providing you with insights into driving behavior and vehicle performance.

Enhanced compliance

Comply with all applicable regulations for vehicles and drivers, including ELD, DVIR, and IFTA.

Increased productivity

Increase productivity by giving you the tools you need for more efficient fleet management and driver management.

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