Geotab Mobile App

Geotab offers a robust platform with many additional service which can be “bolted on”, integrated or enabled. This flexibility gives users many options and combinations to meet unique mobile tracking applications.
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MyGEOTAB mobile app

Manage your fleet with precision using the MyGeotab Mobile App. This dedicated product offering brings the power of Geotab’s fleet management platform to your mobile device, enabling you to oversee your operations with ease.

MyGeotab mobile app is a scaled version of the full MyGeotab portal for cloud portal. This is full-featured app allows you to access all of vehicle tracking your data and is designed for fleet supervisors in the field. Vehicle location history, driver assignments, records of duty status, maintenance reminders, custom reports, and alerts are all available through the mobile app.

Geotab Mobile App

MyGeotab Mobile app Key Features


Dashboard Overview

Access a snapshot of your fleet’s key metrics at a glance.


Alerts and Notifications

Receive instant alerts for critical events and stay informed on the go.

Vehicle Maintenance

Schedule and track maintenance tasks to keep your fleet in top condition.


Define and monitor geographical boundaries, ensuring your fleet stays on track.
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Geotab Drive App

Empower your drivers with the Geotab Drive App, a user-friendly tool that enhances communication and efficiency between drivers and fleet managers.

Geotab Drive is a fully compliant ELD system that can be configured to be used in other ways by drivers that are not required to keep records of duty status. User clearances set in MyGeotab determine what is displayed to the driver in the app. It can be used for driver ID without the need for key readers and key fobs. It can also be used to document vehicle inspections (DVIR) or as a dispatch and messaging app. Free add-ins for tracking fuel purchases and allowing a driver to set their status to private are also available.

Geotab Drive

Geotab Drive Key Features


Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance

Ensure compliance with ELD regulations effortlessly.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

Streamline pre- and post-trip inspections for comprehensive vehicle checks.

Messaging and Communication

Facilitate communication between drivers and dispatch, improving overall coordination.
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Geotab’s Pillars of Innovation

Geotab Equipment is a cutting-edge solution designed to empower fleet managers with unprecedented control over their operations. Our modular approach allows you to tailor your fleet management system to match the specific demands of your business. Whether you operate a small delivery fleet or manage a large-scale logistics network, Geotab has the tools you need to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Reduced Costs

  • Customer service times.
  • Identify unexpected stops.
  • Optimized routes.


  • Manage vehicle maintenance.
  • Proactively detect issues.
  • Advanced diagnostics data.


  • Collision notifications.
  • Driver risk management.
  • Track speeding and seatbelt use.


  • Increase fuel efficiency, and decrease idling.
  • Track CO2 emissions.
  • Fleet Electrification.


  • HOS & ELD (NA)
  • Tax Reporting / IFTA (NA)
  • DVIR / Asset Inspections
  • Tachograph & Cold Chain (EU)


  • Hardware Add-ons and Software Add-ins
  • System Integration (Software Development Kit)
  • Geotab Market Place Solutions

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