Our cutting-edge Fleet Management Software, powered by GPS and telematics technology, ensures that you have complete control over your assets, empowering you to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

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fleet management platforms tailored to your needs

One of the key components of our successful fleet management services is the use of a variety of fleet management platforms. Fleet management platforms provide numerous benefits that can streamline operations, improve productivity, and optimize resource management for businesses.   Our platforms are customizable to suit the size and industry of your fleet.

Geotab Go Dashboards

Total Fleet Management

One Platform Dashboard

GPS Tracking & Telematics

Fleet Dashboards

Telematics for Government Fleets

At Fleetistics, we understand the unique challenges your fleet faces, and we’re here to simplify your journey towards operational excellence. Fleet management technology enables you to improve efficiency, customer service, and safety, limit liability, and increase profitability. Knowing the location of every asset, how it is running, and how it is being used, is essential to every fleet from 1 to 10,000+ vehicles. The challenge is knowing which platform will meet your needs today and continue to meet them in five or ten years.

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Fleet tracking

Fleetistics offers a wide variety of GPS and telematics equipment to meet all fleet tracking requirements. From trucks, to barges, to generators. We track everything. Our wide range of heavy equipment and unpowered asset trackers are popular additions to traditional GPS vehicle tracking systems.


  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking
  • Dashcam, mobile app and OEM tracking
  • Dashboard and custom­izable reports
  • Notific­a­tions and alerts

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fleet management map
DashCams with Dashboards

Fleet safety

Dashcams are being combined with GPS tracking and telematics to provide vehicle and driver behavior and use information. The combination really focuses on safety best practices. Accidents are the single biggest ROI opportunity a company has due to a reduction in insurance, lost productivity, workers compensation rates, bent metal, and legal fees. Our fleet management services include all aspects of safety.


  • Driver insights and coaching
  • AI-enabled fleet dashcam
  • Driving history
  • Instant driving events and maintenance alerts
  • Digital vehicle inspections

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Measure your business

Measuring your business provides insights on operational efficiencies. Understanding where your business is efficient, or not, enables faster and better decisions. Good decisions are less expensive in time and money to implement. GPS tracking systems connect and integrate with a variety of 3rd party devices and services. Data is routinely shared between applications via API to provide customers with even more value from a single investment in fleet management technology.


  • Monitor multiple auxiliary circuits such as spreaders and sprayers
  • Connect to Bluetooth devices through the IoX connector
  • Monitor productivity and safety with dashboards

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Fleet Management Salt Spreader Tracking
Geotab Personal Mode


Staying compliant with government regulation is important. Fleetistics fleet management services offers a robust and time-tested ELD solution that includes all the Federal and State rule sets. The ELD service includes a DVIR capability and third party IFTA service integration.

Features: (some are optional)

  • Mileage data tracking
  • Digital vehicle inspections
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Permissible weight of cargo
  • Temperature monitoring

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Fuel & Expense Management

Purchasing fuel and other work items is often done with a credit card. The problem is the credit card statement provides few details needed to manage how money is being spent and if the expense should be billed to a customer. Fleetistics has partnered with a company that provides great detailed insight into purchasing. Extensive controls can be used to limit the number of transactions, the amount being spent, the day(s) of the week, time of day, categories for use, and more. Get control of purchasing done by your drivers but keep them agile to get the job done. Be sure to ask about our fleet card program.


  • Control when and how the card can be used
  • Know when, what type, quantity and location of fuel purchases.
  • Consolidate accounting steps with a single purchasing card for all expenses.

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Fuel Card
Trailer trackers, equipment trackers

multiple IoT solutions

One solution cannot fit all business applications. Fleetistics fleet management services provide many different options to address needs today but also as new tracking requirements are identified. Almost any IoT device can be integrated into the Fleetistics portal for viewing.

Features: (some are optional)

  • Vehicle GPS tracking & telematics
  • Asset and equipment monitoring
  • Cellular or satellite communication options
  • Battery, solar and wired GPS trackers
  • Temperature, door and auxiliary monitoring

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Mobile fleet management

Mobile application technology enhances operational efficiency. Mobile devices provide a real-time data collection and reporting solution which enables other functions to be more efficient.


  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking
  • Two-way commu­nic­ation
  • Trip management
  • Order dispatching
  • Notific­a­tions and alerts

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CrewChief Mobile App for Fleet Management Services
Route Optimization: Track Route Progress, Take Pictures, Add Videos, Notes, and More


Routing is key to all fleet operations. Getting from point A to B efficiently saves on the rolling cost per mile and profitability of any organization. Avoiding driver meetings at local restaurants, swinging by the house, or running personal errands are common activities that drive up fuel costs, reduce vehicle life and reduce the number of jobs that can be accomplished in a day.


  • Route Optimization
  • Real-time dispatch
  • Paperless workflow
  • Driver performance insight

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Our Fleet Management Services Helps you

Our approach is to offer several solutions which can be tailored to a customer’s budget and fleet management requirements.  Whether you’re a small business managing a handful of vehicles or a large enterprise with an extensive fleet, our innovative software and comprehensive services can transform the way you manage your fleet operations. Our fleet management solutions, backed by years of proven testing and research, can revolutionize the way you run your fleet.


We offer a variety of technology from international suppliers and have done so for over 22 years. We know what customers needs based on the challenges they identify. We do not have one system to sell, we have multiple solutions we can recommend to find the best overall match.


We have an extremely knowledgeable and capable team. Our team is stacked with fleet and operations management experience. You will get to know our people and we will get to know you and your business. Our business analyst team is available to help with long-term planning and to find new ROI opportunities.

Fleetistics is not so large that it takes weeks to get things done. You can talk to the same person this week or next year. Orders generally ship in a few days. Problems are addressed rapidly and in meaningful ways, not just an email stating we received your issue and will respond in 48 hours. Our custom developed support platform keeps everyone up to date and accountable for next steps to keep resolution moving forward.

Learn more about Fleetistics fleet management services and how it can benefit your business.

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