Manage Your Fleet Using OEM Telematics

OEM Telematics Fleet Solutions are now available on many new vehicles. It is no secret that GPS/Telematics solutions help fleet managers across the world in improving safety, fuel efficiency, productivity, and maintenance just to name a few. An embedded device is a GPS tracking and telematics device installed at the time of manufacturing by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

With embedded devices from the automobile manufacturers, OEM Telematics Fleet Solutions provide features such as remote diagnostics, and GPS tracking. Recently they have expanded these telematics devices to include OEM-specific information as well as telematics data with consent from the customer. This makes this technology cost effective and convenient to fleet managers. Many OEM GPS/Telematics devices integrate with the Geotab platform used by existing customers.

OEM Telematics Fleet Solutions

What Do OEM Telematics Fleet Solutions Mean for Your Fleet?

All newer makes and models of most major fleet vehicles have this technology built in as of 2020 and others are following their lead. Soon all OEMs will have this capability. This includes vehicle manufacturers as well and equipment manufacturers CAT and Komatsu. The great thing about taking this third-party OEM data into existing telematics solutions is all the data, no matter what OEM, can be brought into a single web portal allowing you to manage all assets in a single sign-on platform.

Benefits of Using an OEM Data Platform:

  • Cost advantage – No device or installation costs.
  • Device comes equipped on vehicle – No moving devices as your fleet turns over.
  • Ease of use – Use the same MyGeotab portal and UI for tracking. Use the existing database to view devices from several pre-integrated OEMs alongside GO devices.
    Faster time to market – No delays related to device shipment or installation.
  • Access to additional data – OEM and sensor data is sent directly by the embedded OEM device such as tire pressure.

How can you use the OEM Telematics Fleet solution?

The process is simple and Fleetistics will walk you through it. You will need your FIN, or fleet identification number, and web portal credentials. With a few clicks and by selecting Geotab from the telematics provider list, one, a few or all of your vehicles will report into your current Geotab account once configured by Geotab and Fleetistics.

Once the devices are added to a new or current Geotab account, your vehicle will appear as any other vehicle or asset. As the OEM device data is captured from third-party source, some built-in reports rules and exceptions may not be useful if the OEM data is not as rich as the data from a GO device. Geotab is building additional software capabilities to bridge this gap where possible and working with OEMs to help them improve their data. This will enable customers in deriving insights from the third-party vehicle data.

Current Integrations

We are working with several OEMs to pre-integrate their APIs on our platform. You can find out more about these solutions on our OEM Platform Page. To learn more about this solution and how it could benefit your fleet, please call us at 877-467-0326 for more information!

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