Optimized fleets are efficient fleets. Experience reduced operational costs, improved resource utilization, and enhanced overall efficiency. Our analytics-driven approach ensures that every aspect of your fleet operates at peak performance, translating into tangible cost savings.
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Slash Costs, Soar Profits with fleet optimization

Make sure your vehicles get the best possible gas mileage. Keep tabs on your fleet’s gas usage and take appropriate action for fleet optimization. Improve routes, limit speeding, and monitor idle time with the help of rules and notifications you set. And develop safe, economical driving habits with the help of reports and driver training tools!

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Fuel Efficiency Frenzy

Our sophisticated telematics keep a watchful eye on fuel consumption, idling habits, and speeding, empowering you to optimize routes, implement eco-driving practices, and dramatically reduce fuel costs. Picture this: fewer pit stops at the pump, translating to more money in your pocket.

Smart Fleet Savvy

Make informed decisions about vehicle acquisition with comprehensive data on fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, and utilization. Right-size your fleet, eliminating underutilized assets and ensuring every vehicle earns its keep. No more carrying excess baggage!

Predictive Maintenance Prowess

Ditch the repair roulette! Fleetistics’ automated alerts and diagnostics become your early warning system, flagging potential issues before they snowball into costly breakdowns. Schedule maintenance proactively, maximizing vehicle uptime and keeping your fleet on the road, where it belongs.

Keep Your Vehicles in Good Shape

How well do you prioritize maintenance tasks? Staying on top of maintenance is a crucial focus when you manage company vehicles. Those cars, trucks, or vans need to run smoothly and keep expenses down and forms part of your overall fleet optimization.

Engine Diagnostics

When engine problems sneak up on you, they cause your vehicles to work harder, wear down faster, and use more fuel.


Automated Alerts

With automated alerts and fleet maintenance telematics, you can stay one step ahead of any vehicle problems that may happen.


Planned Maintenance

Prevent vehicle wear and decrease downtime by being told the moment trouble is detected. Know exactly when you need a mechanic and manage maintenance with ease.
Fleet Optimization

Compare Yourself to Other Fleets

How does the productivity of your business’s fleet stack up against that of other businesses with fleets like yours? Let us help you with your fleet optimization.

Fleet Optimization

Evaluate your business

Big data is a powerful tool, and you can do a lot with all the data you collect with our telematics software. One of the best ways to evaluate your business is to check how well your company is doing next to other fleets of your size.

Comparing your fleet

By comparing your fleet to others like it, our software can give you tailored advice and help you to identify gaps and explore ways to fill them.

Vehicle Optimization

Discover how different vehicles stack up to the ones you have and find out which ones would help you out more.

Case Study: Boys and Girls Club of America

When your fleet is responsible for transporting kids to and from places, driver safety and on-road behavior will be at the forefront of your priorities. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada was unaware of the benefits that telematics systems could provide and started using Geotab simply out of curiosity. “The idea to use telematics was proposed to us, and we figured it might be useful to see what our 22 vehicles are actually doing out there,” Jacoby said.


“I think people tend to drive as they would with their own cars, but with the system in place it helps them realize that these are work vehicles,”- Mark Jacoby, Area Director
Boys and Girls Club of America

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Fleet Optimization

Ready to unleash the full potential of your fleet and fuel your business growth? Contact Fleetistics today for a free demo and discover how our innovative solutions can help you:

Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs by up to 30% – Imagine the savings! That’s like finding extra money hidden in your engine compartment.

Increase driver productivity

Increase driver productivity by 20% – More deliveries, more satisfied customers, more reasons to celebrate.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction – Happy drivers, happy deliveries, happy customers. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge in your industry – Leave your rivals in the dust with your optimized, efficient fleet.

Contact us today to learn more about Fleetistics fleet optimization solutions and how it can benefit your business.

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