Data Integration and Mapping Services

Fleetistics provides alternatives to expensive Google mapping and reverse geo-coding services. There are many applications for the data being collected by GPS tracking and telematics devices. The more ways the GPS data is utilized, the larger the return on investment. Fleetistics supports and encourages fleet managers to utilize the data by providing a wide range of data options.

  • Device Controller Service: Bring your own IoT device and Fleetistics will process the data and insert it into a GPS platform or forward the data through an API without providing a web application or service interface. This service is for companies that have the skills to work with the data once it is received but do not have the expertise for the complex process of integrating raw data and getting it into a database with a service controller.
  • Mapping: Fleetistics provides a mapping service as a mid-range service between public and expensive Google maps. Fleetistics maintains a private OSM hosting solution that provides much faster and more reliable maps than the free public OSM service. Essentially with the Fleetistics mapping service customers get about a 50% reduction in cost for Google map subscription services.
  • Reverse Geo-coding: RGC is simply an address lookup service. This service is generally purchased in conjunction with a mapping service. A company may use this with other mapping needs. 

Data Integration

Software Development Kit


For users of our premiere GO System, an SDK (software development kit) is available to simplify the development of custom data integrations. This SDK provides working code samples for the common functions available through the API. These code samples are available for Javascript/HTML and

APIs are also available for free with this high-end system.

Application Programming Interface (APIs)


Through the use of our APIs, users are provided access to the power of real-time data availability. Data can be securely retrieved from Fleetistics by a customer and used in other system. Importing location information is a very popular integration and there are literally hundreds of custom integrations done today.

Fleetistics offers a complete suite of integration related services from APIs to mapping to help customers get more from the data already being collected. Custom data solutions and integrations with IoT data is available. APIs can be written as part of custom project for unique requirements.

API Code Sample
MyFleetView Map

Map DeveloPMENT 

Customers that have a custom solution and need maps can get maps from Fleetistics as an alternative to expensive Google maps. Fleetistics utilizes OSM maps but on a private server. Public OSM maps are free but often slow and not suitable for a business production environment.

Fleetistics OSM maps are stored and managed on Fleetistics servers. The number of connections and users is controlled and limited based on system resources. Map tile rendering is extremely fast and consistent. Resources are managed to provide customers the best possible experience. Although very fast, satellite images are not available.

Why Use OSM?

OSM is a mature platform that is created and maintained by users globally. Metropolitan areas are very well mapped and accurate. When a new road is added or a correction is needed you can submit the change to the OSM community and the mapping database will be updated in a few weeks. To see OSM maps in action click here.

Reverse Geocoding


Reverse geocoding is a fancy name for address lookup. This is accomplished by submitting a GPS coordinate and getting an address in return. This service can be very expensive but is critical to making sense of the GPS data collected. Fleetistics has invested in technology that enables fleet customers to reverse geocode from our data set for a fraction of the cost of a service such as Google.

OBD GPS Tracking Device

BYOD GPS Data Processing


Some fleet operators want to build their own GPS tracking system. Although we do not recommend it due to cost, time and expertise needed; Fleetistics does offer a data processing service (DPS).

GPS trackers transmit a complex code that represents all types of data. It is not code that looks like lat/long or other formats you would recognize, but rather a complex series of numbers and values that represent longer strings of data. Translating what is basically machine code to a useful format is a special skill and very difficult.

Fleetistics has the skills and environment to decode the data and forward it to customers through an API for a small monthly service fee to accomplish custom data integration. Our team has invested in the skills and infrastructure to provide a reliable, efficient and cost effective GPS data decoding and forwarding service to anywhere on the globe.

Multi-Source Data Integration

Integration of data from multiple sources is a requirement many organizations are facing today. The information or data collected from GPS systems can be utilized by other systems to provide a more complete picture of vehicle and driver operations and performance. The convergence of data from these multiple systems are accomplished through an API (application programming interfaces) or an SDK. Fleetistics offers APIs for all three of our GPS products.

Dispatch API in use

Custom Integration Examples

safety dashboard data integration

Device Status Table Integrated with Geotab and Fleetistics Support Ticketing System

data integration for device status