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If you are looking for a comprehensive and effective driver coaching solution, Fleetistics Driver Coaching is the answer. Contact us today to learn more about how Fleetistics Driver Coaching can help you reduce turnover, improve safety, and reduce costs.
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Driver Coaching for Improved Safety

This is an essential tool for any fleet operator who wants to reduce turnover and improve safety. With driver coaching, you can teach your drivers how to be safer and more efficient, even when you’re not in the vehicle with them.


Driver Coaching

1. Direct driver feedback through the optional speaker. The speaker can literally play an audio file telling the driver to modify driving behavior.

2. After repeated violations, an optional automated online training course can be assigned to the driver.


Driver Feedback Speaker

Custom Parameters by Vehicle or Classification


Harsh braking and acceleration

Cornering too quickly

Seatbelt use

Distracted driving

Fleetistics Driver Coaching Solution Features

By coaching drivers on best practices for customer interaction and providing them with the necessary skills to handle different situations, fleet managers can ensure that their drivers represent their company in a professional and customer-centric manner.


Level 1 - Feedback Buzzer

The Feedback Buzzer is a 97db buzzer that can be set to alert the driver to unwanted behavior.


Level 2 - Driver speaker

The GO Talk driver coaching system speaks to the driver, so the driver knows exactly what is being logged as an exception. The message can be customized by customers to be unique and fun.

level 3 - automated classes

Fleetistics Driver Coaching offering also includes Predictive Coach. When istalled as an add in from the Geotab Marketplace it identifies poor driver-behavior based on data from the Geotab GO device, then automatically assigns relevant training to the specific driver while documenting the corrective action for management.

Fleetistics Driver Coaching Benefits

Driver coaching offers numerous benefits for fleet management. First and foremost, driver coaching helps improve the overall safety of the fleet. By providing personalized feedback and training, drivers can develop safer driving habits and reduce the risk of accidents. Secondly, it leads to increased fuel efficiency. Through professional training and the implementation of predictive driving styles, drivers can lower fuel consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.

Reduce Driver Turnover

Driver turnover is a major cost for fleet operators. When a driver leaves, it can take weeks or even months to find and train a replacement. Fleetistics Driver Coaching can help you reduce turnover by improving driver satisfaction and retention.

Driver Feedback Provided

When drivers feel like they are being supported and coached, they are more likely to stay with your company. Fleetistics Driver Coaching provides drivers with the feedback and coaching they need to improve their driving skills and become safer and more efficient drivers.

Improve Safety

Safety is the top priority for any fleet operator. Fleetistics Driver Coaching can help you improve safety by coaching your drivers on a variety of risk factors, including speeding, harsh braking and acceleration, cornering too quickly, and distracted driving.

Reporting insights

Fleetistics Driver Coaching also provides you with insights into your fleet’s driving behavior. This information can be used to identify areas where improvement is needed and to target your coaching efforts.


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Our fleet management services help businesses of all sizes improve efficiency, safety and quality, from transportation to logistics. We can help you stay compliant and streamline your operations, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Fleet tracking and telematics

Our tracking and telematic solutions can help identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to optimize fuel efficiency, reduce idle time, and minimize emissions.

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Fleetistics Mobile Tracking App Solution

Revolutionize your fleet management with Fleetistics’ easy-to-use and technologically advanced mobile tracking app solution.

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