Fleet Sharing

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Share a vehicle or the entire fleet. 
Commercial HVAC GPS Tracking

Fleet Sharing on Your Website & with Customers


Gone are the days of wondering where your assets are. With our advanced Fleet Sharing feature, you can now access the last reported location of your vehicles and assets effortlessly. The process is simple yet secure, thanks to our encrypted links. Whether you’re tracking a single vehicle or your entire fleet, MyFleetistics empowers you with the tools to stay in control.

Create links tailored to your needs – set them to expire, display only on specific days, or during designated times. It’s flexibility at your fingertips. Our intuitive interface ensures that you can manage your fleet efficiently, providing real-time insights that drive informed decision-making.

  • Choose the vehicles you want to share.
  • Create a secure, encrypted link with day and time access built in. 
  • Share the link with customers or colleagues or iframe it onto your website.
  • Recipients can access the link to view the vehicle’s location on the map.
Fleet Sharing Options

Embed In Your Website

Fleet Sharing Administration

MyFleetView Pro (optional)

Upgrade to create custom links with this add-on service that enables you to share links with other and limit the day of the week, time of day, and calendar days the links are active. You can also select individual vehicles to embed in the link.

One-Click Access for Field Personnel


The MyFleetView map is easy to use because we’ve removed everything except for the last reported location. Simply choose a vehicle from the list to locate it on the map, the map will refresh and focus in on the selected vehicle.

Custom links can be created for each branch that only show local vehicles. The link can then be saved to a phone for 1-click access while working in the field. No logging in, navigating a mobile app, selected from drop menus or distracted driving. 1-click! See video below.

Links are secured with encryption and you can set when the link is active.

Fleet Location Sharing