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Prioritize the safety of your drivers and protect your assets with our advanced safety features. Beyond mere compliance, our solutions actively contribute to reducing accidents, ensuring driver well-being, and safeguarding your valuable fleet assets. Safer Drivers, Safer Vehicles.
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Elevate Driver Performance and Prioritize Safety

Do you know how well your team drives? With vehicle monitoring, you can identify risky driver behavior and prevent accidents. Create a higher safety for fleets and standards for all of your drivers old and new. Improve your current team and train new drivers with ease.

With vehicle monitoring, you can identify risky driver behavior and prevent accidents.

Posted Road Speed Alerting

Receive real-time notifications when drivers exceed posted speed limits, allowing for immediate coaching and intervention.

Driver Safety Scoring

A comprehensive scoring system assigns each driver a safety rating based on their driving habits, providing a clear benchmark for improvement.

Seatbelt Use Monitoring

Ensure the safety of your drivers and passengers with alerts for unbuckled seatbelts, promoting responsible driving habits.

Dashcams for Distracted Driving

Combat distracted driving with video evidence. Our dashcams capture footage that can be used for coaching,exonerating drivers from false accusations, and supporting insurance claims.

Safety Alerts – Stay Informed, Take Action

Driver safety isn’t just about monitoring and reprimanding. Fleetistics believes in positive reinforcement and engagement to create a culture of safety in fleets that thrives:


Instantly alert drivers

Instantly alert drivers of their unsafe conduct with alarms or customized responses. Expand the scope of your driver training by offering your drivers quick feedback that they can apply right away.

Set up behavior patterns

Choose what behavior you want your drivers to work on. Set it up and forget it. When behaviors are detected, drivers will be notified with a simple buzz or your own customized messages.


Real-Time Notifications

Receive notifications by text or email when your customized rules are broken or a crash is detected. Avoiding preventable accidents and saving lives has never been easier.
Instantly alert drivers of their unsafe conduct with alarms or customized responses

Driver Safety Reports

Safety dashboard reports will add to the safety measures of any fleet and give you a good idea of how safe (or risky) your drivers are. But safety reports don’t only prevent accidents, they also help you to lengthen the life of your vehicles and improve fuel economy:

Fleet Productivity

Individual Driver Safety Scores

Track the progress of each driver and identify areas for improvement.

Risky Behavior Breakdown

Gain a detailed understanding of the specific driving behaviors that pose the greatest risk within the safety for fleets.

Fleet-Wide Safety Performance Trends

Monitor overall safety performance over time and identify areas for targeted interventions.

Visual Evidence, Peace of Mind

For added security and protection, Fleetistics offers a range of high-definition dashcams that will promote safety for fleets:
For added security and protection, Fleetistics offers a range of high-definition dashcams.

Dispute Traffic Violations

Challenge unfair tickets with clear video evidence of driver behavior.

Reduce Fines and Insurance Premiums

Document safe driving practices to lower insurance costs and avoid unnecessary fines.

Resolve Accident Disputes

Protect your drivers and your business with irrefutable video proof of fault or innocence.

Minimize Costs

Avoid paying for unnecessary repairs, medical bills, and legal fees in the event of an accident.

Support Insurance Claims

Strengthen your claims for vandalism or vehicle theft with recorded footage.

Safety For Fleets Has Many Benefits

At Fleetistics, we go beyond offering generic solutions. Our comprehensive fleet safety programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. With cutting-edge technology, personalized training, and ongoing support, we empower you to take control of your fleet’s safety and performance. Our goal is for every driver to come home safely every day!

Enhanced Driver Well-being

Our foremost concern is the safety and well-being of your drivers. By investing in safety for fleets, you’re not just complying with regulations; you’re actively ensuring that your team feels secure on the road. Reduced accidents mean fewer injuries, less stress for your drivers, and an overall improved work environment. Happy and healthy drivers contribute to increased productivity and lower turnover rates, fostering a positive culture within your organization.

Protect Your Assets: Vehicles and Reputation

Accidents and incidents on the road can have a lasting impact on your fleet’s vehicles and your company’s reputation. Fleet safety measures act as a shield, safeguarding your valuable assets and preserving your brand image. With real-time monitoring, preventive maintenance, and driver training programs, you can minimize the risk of accidents, reduce repair costs, and demonstrate your commitment to safety to your customers and stakeholders. This not only protects your bottom line but also strengthens the trust your clients place in your services.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Efficient fleets are profitable fleets. Fleet safety is not just about preventing accidents; it’s about optimizing your operations. By incorporating telematics, predictive maintenance, and driver behavior monitoring, you can streamline your fleet’s performance. Identify fuel-wasting patterns, optimize routes, and reduce downtime with proactive maintenance. The result? Lower operational costs, increased fuel efficiency, and a more agile and responsive fleet that can adapt to changing market demands.

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