Fleet Expandability

Futureproof Technology with 250+ Integrations. As your business grows, our scalable solutions grow with you. Seamlessly integrate new vehicles, expand your operations, and enjoy the flexibility to adapt to market changes. Stay ahead of the curve with a fleet management system that evolves as your business does.
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Equip for Success: Telematics Hardware Options

Meet any fleet management challenge head-on with our extensive range of telematics equipment. From essential GPS trackers to advanced sensors, dash cams, and specialized devices, we have the hardware solution to boost your efficiency and safety.

Geotab tracking Device

Seamless Integration

We can connect your existing data recording equipment with our platform or set you up with a complete sensor system, ensuring all your data is in one place.

Geotab Compatibility

Leverage the power of Geotab fleet management hardware and software for a comprehensive and reliable system.

See Your Options

Explore our vast selection of telematics equipment and find the perfect fit for your fleet.

Way Beyond GPS: Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions

Fleetistics goes far beyond basic vehicle tracking. Our platform acts as a central hub, consolidating all your fleet data – fuel consumption, driver behavior, maintenance schedules, route optimization – into a single, unified dashboard. This holistic view empowers you to:


Make Data-Driven Decisions

With all your fleet information readily available, you can identify trends, analyze performance, and make informed choices that optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and boost ROI.

Centralized Data Center

Say goodbye to data silos and scattered spreadsheets. Fleetistics streamlines your information, promoting clarity, collaboration, and streamlined decision-making across all departments.

Increased Productivity

Free your team from tedious manual tasks and manual data analysis. Fleetistics automates reporting, generates insightful reports, and provides real-time alerts, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and driving impactful results.
Solutions for fleet management are more than simple GPS tracking devices.

Empower Your Business with Applications and Add-Ons

Fleetistics understands that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a vast ecosystem of applications and add-ons, allowing you to personalize your fleet management experience and address specific challenges.
Fleet Expandability

Tailored Solutions

Enhance your operations with dedicated applications for driver coaching, fuel management, route optimization, safety monitoring, customer service tools, and more.

GeoTab Marketplace

Discover a universe of additional applications built by talented developers, further extending the functionality of your Fleetistics platform.


Custom Development

Unleash the ultimate in control with custom software built by your own developers. Integrate features you’ve always dreamed of and create a truly bespoke fleet management system.

Unlock Your Data Power with API and SDK Integration

In today’s data-driven world, unlocking the power of your fleet information is key to maximizing performance and competitive advantage. Fleetistics empowers you to do just that through seamless API and SDK integration.

Big Data Insights

Leverage your data to drive actionable insights. Boost employee engagement, improve service quality, optimize routes, minimize driving risks, and identify areas for cost reduction.

Customizable Solutions

Fleetistics is open and flexible by design. Integrate your data with other systems and applications to create customized workflows and analysis dashboards that perfectly align with your business objectives.

Expand with Confidence

Whether you’re a small fleet just starting out or a large enterprise with complex needs, Fleetistics scales with you. We offer solutions for every stage of your journey, ensuring you’re always equipped to handle whatever the road ahead may hold.
Fleet Expandability

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Fleet Expandability

Our Fleet Expandability solutions empower your business to scale effortlessly, ensuring you stay ahead in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. Discover the three key benefits of embracing fleet expandability:

Scalability at Your Fingertips

As your business grows, so should your fleet. Our Fleet Expandability feature allows you to seamlessly scale your vehicle inventory to meet the demands of your expanding operations. Whether you need to add a single vehicle or an entire fleet, the process is as simple as a few clicks. Say goodbye to the limitations of a fixed-size fleet and welcome the freedom to scale on your terms.

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is the heartbeat of successful fleet management. With Fleet Expandability, you can optimize your operations by tailoring your fleet to match the specific needs of your business. Need more delivery vehicles during peak seasons? No problem. Want to diversify your fleet with specialized vehicles? Easy. This flexibility ensures that you’re always equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities that come your way, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Future-Proof Your Fleet

In the fast-paced world of transportation and logistics, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Fleet Expandability future-proofs your fleet by allowing you to adapt to emerging technologies and industry trends. Whether it’s integrating electric vehicles, autonomous technology, or other innovations, our solution ensures that your fleet remains at the forefront of advancements, keeping your business competitive and prepared for whatever the future holds.

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