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All Drivewyze services are now available from Fleetistics!

Drivewyze is the leader in connected truck services and their services make it easier for fleets likes yours to navigate the complex environment that exists between pick-up and drop-off by providing drivers with simple, relevant communications through their in-cab device. Utilize PreClear from Drivewyze integrated in the Geotab Drive app or in the standalone Drivewyze app.

PreClear Weigh Station Bypass

Drivewyze PreClear rewards safe driving with legal bypasses at weigh stations all across North America, saving your fleet time and money. So simple and easy to use, Drivewyze is the only full-service, always-on bypass service that doesn’t require a transponder to run. It can be done right on any smartphone or tablet.

PreClear Offers

  • Choose your mobile app tracker
  • Largest network in North America
  • THREE TIMES the bypass opportunities than any other provider
  • Reduced down time for inspections and more time on the road

Free, 30-day trial of Drivewyze PreClear and Drivewyze Safety Notifications

Setup takes just a few minutes and is completely contactless

No additional transponders or hardware to install in the cab

Already pre-installed on Fleetistics One Device

Simply turn on from anywhere, even a home office!

Drivewyze Free Trial

Safety Notifications

With your Drivewyze PreClear subscription, you’ll also receive Drivewyze free safety notifications service that delivers in-cab safety alerts to drivers as they approach high-risk areas, such as rollover zones, low bridge clearances, and mountain corridors, on interstates and freeways.


Safety+ Features

  • Android and iOS
  • Prevent risky driving behavior
  • Alerts speed-violation zones, high-risk curves, low bridges, steep grades & high-collision zones
  • Developed with local, state and national transportation and safety agencies
  • Custom location-based notifications unique to your fleet
  • Monitor driving behavior to identify coaching opportunities 
  • Fleet-wide and vehicle-specific driving reporting
  • Zone customizations that work nationwide
How Drivewyze PreClear works

No. 1 Way to Save Money at Weigh Stations

Do you know how much time and money your fleet spends in lineups at weigh stations every month?

We are not talking about the number of inspections your trucks get per month, we are talking about the money you lose just having your trucks slow down and wait in lineups to be weighed every day. Its a real hidden cost that few track, but it can significantly hit your bottom line.

Drivewyze through Fleetistics can help reduce the overall costs with legal bypasses by using the largest network in North America, PreClear, which offers almost 3x the bypass opportunities as any other provider.

  • Save time and money: No stopping or slowing at scales saves fuel and
    on-duty driver time.
  • Deliver loads faster: Bypassing scales keeps drivers on the mainline.
  • Great for recruitment and retention: Drivers are 3X more likely to
    work for a company that provides a weigh station bypass program.
Cost of a pull in
Drivewyze coverage map
PreClear Geofences

Drivewyze Mobile App

Drivewyze Mobile App

Integrates with GeoTab Drive seamlessly

PreClear Integration with Geotab Drive

Mobile Trucker App to Save Time, Money & Hassles by Bypassing Weigh Stations

Install Drivewyze on Android or iOS smartphones to automatically detect the location of weigh stations and alerts the driver when the vehicle is 2 miles from an inspection site. Next, the app sends a bypass request, and notifies the driver to either BYPASS or PULL-IN when the vehicle is one mile away.

New users are automatically given a 30-day complementary trial upon account sign-up.

Available on Android and iOS.