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The CrewChief™ Solution from Fleetistics is a pay-as-you-go dashcam system for low usage fleets and insurance requirements. With CrewChief™ Solution, you can protect your drivers and assets, reduce insurance costs, and only pay for the data and video that you use.

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CrewChief™ DashCam: Low-Usage Fleet Insurance Compliance

The CrewChief™ dashcam from Fleetistics is a revolutionary dashcam system that is designed specifically for low-usage fleets and insurance requirements. With its industry first pay-as-you-go pricing model, you only pay for the data and video that you use, so you can save money without sacrificing safety or security.

The CrewChief™ dashcam is also easy to use and install. The system is plug-and-play, so you can get it up and running in minutes. And with its user-friendly interface, your drivers will be able to start using it right away.

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CrewChief Dashcam Solution Features

If you are looking for a dashcam system that is designed specifically for low-usage fleets and insurance requirements, the CrewChief Solution is the perfect solution for you.


Pay-as-you-go pricing

Save money without sacrificing safety – an industry-first pricing model.

Reduces insurance costs

Many insurance companies offer discounts for using dash cam systems.

Protects drivers and assets

Records high-quality video footage for accident or incident protection.

Spot check driver activity

Ensure safe driving and compliance with company policies.

Loop recording

Never miss anything with continuous recording to an SD card.

Download video

Easily download video for storage and backup.

Document incidents

Document accidents, near-accidents, and traffic violations.

Identify vehicle tampering

Identify persons damaging or tampering with your vehicles.


This plan is not for every fleet, but if you have low monthly usage needs, on average, you can save big money across your fleet. If you find you need a traditional data plan, no problem, we will move you to our standard plan which is already the industry lowest.
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Fleet Safety and Management Solutions

Fleet Safety and Management Solutions


CrewChief Dashcam Program Pricing

CrewChief fleet dashcams ensure productivity, promote safety, and help protect you against unfounded legal liability.

Bundle & Save Even More

Bundle with an OBD GPS tracker and get 50% off the cost of the OBD GPS device.

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One Platform

Bundle with GPS Tracking

Bundle with the Fleetistics ONE GPS tracking system and get an upgraded UI, map indicators and mobile app viewing. This combination provides one of the most affordable GPS + dashcam solutions on the market.

Go Platform

Bundle with Geotab

If you want to bundle with the industry premier GPS tracking and telematics system from Geotab, save 10% on the monthly service fees. Geotab offers best in class fleet telematics.

Limits apply. Call for details. 

CrewChief Dashcam Benefits

The Crew Chief CC00T2 4G Cam provides real-time video and optional GPS insights into your fleet’s performance. Real-time video presents fleet operators with a first hand understanding of the challenges encountered by fleet vehicles. Fleet operators can reduce risk and insurance claims while improving safety and productivity.

Highly Integrated Design

The Crew Chief CC00T2 utilizes a dual-camera form factor. Two cameras are integrated into a single unit that provide forward facing recording of the road and a rear facing camera to observe driver dynamics.

Emergency Button

In the event of an accident, the driver can request help with a single click, increasing the speed and efficiency of rescue response. The Crew Chief CC00T2 DashCam improves driver safety.

Driver’s Behavior Analysis

The Crew Chief CC00T2 improves driver safety and behavior by reporting behavior such as aggressive driving providing data-driven coaching opportunities.

Event Based Video Uploads

The Crew Chief CC009 automatically uploads videos of harsh events, collisions, near misses, and distracted driving events. This provides managers with actionable information within minutes of an incident.

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