Trailer Telematics about to Shift Fleet Management

The data behind fleet management and GPS tracking continues to change to include more and better trailer telematics. While asset tracking has been prominent for years, there is a new shift in GPS tracking, and its not just for major equipment and vehicles anymore.

Tracking Trailer

Transportation technology experts say trailer telematics have the potential to transform maintenance and freight management. However, emphasis on telematics options needs to step up because many fleets keep their trailers for 10 years or longer.

Ultimately, trailer telematics is becoming more commonplace as cost and availability of critical sensors for telematics continue to decrease in acquisition and operational cost. The operational data provided by telematics allows fleets to better understand how trailers wear and how components perform, in addition to providing real-time telemetry on freight. This data can be used to provide a better understanding of all performance aspects of trailers and the loads they carry.

Where in the World is My Trailer?

As with all assets, fleet managers can be left wondering, where in the world a trailer has gone. Advanced telematics technology for trailers is about to change all that. It’s come a long way from just being able to find the physical location.

Tracking Trailer 2

Telematics can provide instantaneous data to be used to identify many common trailer issues, including tire pressure issues, wheel-end heat issues, braking systems, light outages, and other maintenance events in real time.

The insights from telematics on trailers can deliver a mix of preventive maintenance and usage data, from knowing how many actual miles are put on the trailer tires to real-time alerts that can help identify door openings in the event of an attempted theft.

To The Future with Trailer Telematics

As fleets get into more advanced telematics systems that integrate many more component data points, managers start to unlock the potential for predictive maintenance and even higher level data.

Tracking Trailer 3

And the amount of data that trailer telematics will provide will go beyond reporting on a shipment’s whereabouts. These telematics will be able to give real-time cargo updates such as trailer door opens and closings, cold-chain verification for food shipments, and even real-time video or photos of cargo in route.

Moving forward, trailer telematics will soon become a vital and maybe even essential aspect of shipping and fleet management. Trailer telematics will emerge with the logistics technology that will supercharge transporting and delivering goods and services.


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