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You’ve made the decision to reduce your business expenses with telematics, and the next step is a smooth introduction to your employees.

The amount of business expenses your company can save by implementing telematics makes it almost a “no-brainer” in 2022, and introducing it to your drivers doesn’t need to be a hard task. The strongest method for easing the introduction of our GPS system is to outline the primary benefits the system provides to your employees. The following are some of the employee benefits of introducing telematics that have commonly been reported by other GPS Fleet customers:

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1. Higher Customer Retention

For service drivers, retaining current customers is a high priority. One of the biggest benefits of introducing telematics is the detailed reports our system provides leads to higher customer retention numbers. Customers like to see proof that service was completed on time, and by providing that proof you keep your customers and your commission, all while keeping your business expenses low.

Protection Against False Claims

2. Protection Against False Claims

Protection against false claims it a benefit of telematics that can tremendously help your company save business expenses in the long run. Our GPS system provides irrefutable data showing when and where each vehicle has traveled, providing protection against false accident claims and reports of late arrivals at scheduled appointments. Learn more about Accident Reconstruction reports here.

Service Time Tracking

3. Service Time Tracking

Fleetistics GPS system provides electronic verification of service time, providing drivers with back up in case of customer challenges. (Proof of services rendered)

Hands-Free Mileage Log

4. Hands-Free Mileage Log

A huge benefit of introducing telematics to your fleet is the saved time and increased productivity. The GPS system provides an accurate, hands-free mileage log, saving valuable time.

Vehicle "Take Home" Policies

5. Vehicle “Take Home” Policies

Another one of the many benefits of introducing telematics to your fleet is that it can assist in productivity, which leads to saving fuel. As gas prices are skyrocketing, this benefit alone can be a huge investment in itself! Because evening and weekend use can be monitored, some companies are now able to allow employees to use fleet vehicles after-hours. This saves many employees and the company’s valuable time and fuel.

Increased Profits

6. Increased Company/Agency Profits

Increased savings and company/agency profits translate into better 401(k) results, better maintenance programs to minimize on-the-road problems, replacement of aging equipment, etc.

New Incentives

7. New Incentives

Because our GPS system allows you to measure performance efficiently, you can create new incentives based solely on productivity. It is amazing to see the changes in performance once drivers take the competitive spirit to heart. Before you know it, they will help you find new ways to bring in revenue.

Increased Driver Safety

8. Increased Driver Safety

Financial gain isn’t the most important benefit for drivers. Driver safety is on the top of the list. In cab driver alerts curb unsafe behavior and safety scorecards reward drivers for good driving behavior. Driver safety scorecards and driver alert features can be used to improve fleet safety performance.

Improved Driver Safety

9. Improved Driver Morale

With the use of Fleetistics GPS system driver accountability isn’t an issue any longer. You now have a tool to “catch your drivers doing something good” so you can enhance their performance and self-esteem. Good drivers are usually reluctant to report their inefficient counterparts. In many cases, good employees wind up carrying the burden of the “slackers”. This has an adverse impact on morale. You now have the tool to deal with unproductive drivers.

Hire Better Drivers

10. Hire Better Drivers

When interviewing let potential new hires know that you utilize GPS tracking, and explain to them the benefits of telematics. If someone has an alternative agenda or feels they cannot operate with GPS tracking, they will turn down an offer or not show up. It is far better to know at this point that they will not work out, than after 6 weeks of training.

A Free Learning Opportunity

Fleetistics provides a free introductory webinar to answer those questions. We give you the knowledge and framework to determine what kind of GPS technology and which provider is going to be the best fit for you. So learn the basics of fleet tracking in 30 minutes or less, any Wednesday at 1PM.

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