First, What is GPS Fleet Tracking All About?

Many fleet owners understand there is value in GPS vehicle and asset tracking technology but they don’t know where to begin nor do they understand the overall technology. What is GPS technology in general and how can it be applied in your business is the root question you need to answer. By not knowing what to ask or look for, a fleet manager is subject to a sales person’s perspective, featured product, guidance or personal twist on a solution to stated fleet problems.

Next, How to Choose the Right System

We’ve all heard education is power but it is also money. If you are not educated and make a bad investment, it will cost you and your company money. As in most industries and situations, there may be 3 or 4 ways to resolve a fleet issue with a GPS technology solution. In every industry there are low end, low-cost solutions all the way to expensive and complete solutions. Understanding what you need, understanding the technology and being clear on a process will ensure you get the right solution for the lowest investment.

A Free Learning Opportunity!

Learn the basics of fleet tracking

Fleetistics provides a free introductory webinar to answer those questions. We give you the knowledge and framework to determine what kind of GPS technology and which provider is going to be the best fit for you. So learn the basics of fleet tracking in 30 minutes or less, any Wednesday at 1PM.

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