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Drive citizen safety and efficiency with analytics.

Smart City Innovations

Empowering Smart Cities with Geotab Analytics

Inform decision makers using machine learning and analytics to translate connected vehicle data into insights that promote change for the better. City planners can more easily understand local traffic patterns, adverse road conditions and pinpoint areas that need safety improvements. This data can also reveal opportunities to reduce carbon footprints and justify investments in additional digital infrastructure.


From basic maintenance reminders to advanced work order management, Fleetistics offers it all.

Access Critical Equipment

Choose from a wide variety of GPS tracking systems for vehicles, assets, and equipment.

Sourcewell Contracting for Fleet Management

Geotab awarded Sourcewell purchasing contract.

Skip the lengthy telematics RFP process.

Smart City Rewards

Increased Efficiency

Streamline operations, traffic flow and logistics to improve mobility, reducing overall cost.

Vision Zero Initiatives

Smart city insights will help you to achieve your Vision Zero goals to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities. Identify dangerous roads and intersections to adopt the most benficial infrastructure projects.

Environmental Responsibility

Improve air quality by reducing CO2 emmissions and reduce overall environmental impact.

Safe and Secure

To protect your data against internal and external threats, Geotab meets the highest security standards.

  • FIPS 140-2
  • FedRAMP certification.

Vision Zero Blog Post

NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) implemented telematics in the agency’s 35,000 fleet vehicles to analyze the speed within the fleet and the quality of pavement. In NYC, telematics has contributed to a reduction in fatalities, two in 2018 compared to eight in 2014, as employees engage in safer driving behavior.

Smart City Vision Zero Initiatives

Telematics as a Vision Zero Tool

Telematics is a valuable tool that can help municipalities manage their entire transportation network while also providing them with data to help them achieve their Vision Zero goals. As learned by the examples set by NYC, telematics offers quantitative data to support safety initiatives in fleet management and support a more comprehensive approach to safety overall.

Discover More Features

Winter Operations Fleet Services

Using telematics to boost winter operations

Learn how telematics can help boost winter operations efficiency for Public Works departments to better serve communities.

City Workers fixing Road

Public works fleet operations: Using telematics for planned, urgent and emergent activities

Whatever the situation, public works agencies are vital to our communities. Whether they are fogging for mosquitoes, plowing snow or patching potholes, their operation can be improved with telematics.

SS-Public Works Project

Telematics for public works operations

Dive into how telematics can help you fine-tune your public works fleet operations in this handy guide.

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