Fleetistics Priority Notification Service (PNS) uses a round-robin notification process to alert key individuals of critical issues outside the noise of the standard GPS alerts. Notifications are sent via SMS and then a digital voice call. You select the key individuals to be notified and the order in which they are to be notified. The Priority Notification Service system will continue to send to the next user until a reply is received.

Why Priority Notifications?

In larger fleets, having one person responsible for critical issues creates a vulnerability. If that one person is unavailable due to travel, vacation, cellular coverage, or illness, then the critical issue is not addressed. By including multiple people in a notification process, others are automatically notified when the primary is unavailable.

This service is available for clients using Fleetistics ONE and Geotab platforms. Total functionality will vary by GPS device used and how it is installed.

Can I try it first?

You can enjoy a free 30-day trial just by turning on PNS in MyFleetistics. After 30 days the service will be billed monthly, cancel any time. Here is how to access Fleetistics services. In the MyFleetistics menu select Account > Services > Administer Services.

Menu to Admin Services
Menu to Set up Services

Turn on the service you want to try, in this case Priority Notification Service.

Priority Notification

Set up is easy! Select the users you want to notify in the order you choose.

priority notification 2

Set up the notifications you want.

priority notification 3

Review your choices and make sure the notifications you want are set to ON.

priority notification 4

Now you can relax knowing that whatever happens, the appropriate manager(s) will be contacted to address the issue.

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