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Fleet Productivity

Geotab GO Ecosystem

GO provides an ecosystem, not a flat system. It is highly modular and expandable and is designed specifically to enable fleets to grow in any direction. Acting as a data hub, Geotab encourages integration from over 200 partners.

Small Fleet to Enterprise-Class Geotab Telematics

GO offers:

  • Advanced GPS tracking and telematics
  • Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Electric vehicle support
  • Equipment tracking
  • Free APIs for integration
  • Much more

Service Plan Flexibility

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Dispatching & Real-Time Monitoring

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Geotab ELD Mobile App HOS Status

Orkin Pest Control Case Study

Download the Orkin Pest Control Case Study.

Pest Control Benefits

GO Telematics is Trusted by Prominent Fleets


  • UPS
  • Orkin Pest Control
  • State of California (call for details)
  • Pepsico
  • Frito Lay
  • Pima County, AZ
  • Orange County, FL
  • Travel Centers of America
  • State of California
Go GPS Tracker
Phillips Connect
Geotab IOX-AUX
Geotab Flex Solar GPS Tracker
In-Cab Video by Rosco Vision Systems
Rosco displayed in MyGeotab

GPS Fleet Management Means Flexibility

Flexible Options

Geotab Route Map

Data Driven Decisions

Go Platform Reports

Flexible Options

GO9 and GO Solar FLEX
  • View exceptions
  • Single or multiple routes
  • Dispatching option
  • Zone customers, homes, vendors
  • Import zones
  • ESRI map integration
  • Import customer zones
    View Fleet Mapping
  • Standard canned reports. You are given detailed reports you can easily run pre-loaded in the software.
  • Filtered reports. You get to select a few options to narrow down the data scope to tailor to your needs.
  • Custom reports. Users can change the formulas and data scope to get targeted business intelligence.

Telematics Features

  • LTE, 4G, Linux OS
  • OEM integration GPS data (when available)
  • 1 device for OBD, J-BUS, EV
  • HD GPS logging is most accurate in industry
  • Stores over 60,000 records on GPS device
  • Encrypted for security (Gov approved)
  • Driver ID
  • Driver coaching buzzer
  • Daisy chain accessories (IOX port)
  • View GPS Tracker Options

Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching Exception Rules

Manage Unplanned Downtime

Maintenance Management

Compliance & Commnication

HOS Compliance


Geofencing options

Improve Maintenance

Maintenance Options


More menu options

Retain The Best Drivers


  • Reduce turnover
  • Coach, don’t replace
  • Reminders as exceptions take place
  • Verbal feedback using GO Talk
  • Custom rules with syntax

Manage unscheduled downtime


  • 100% of diagnostic codes available
  • Faults and Status data
  • Integrate with your maintenance system
  • Easy access to current odometer
  • Engine hours
  • Enterprise maintenance app partners
    View Engine Diagnostics

ELD, DVIR, IFTA, & Dispatch


  • ELD for FMCSA HOS compliance
  • Driver vehicle inspection report, free! DVIR
  • Mileage by state for IFTA reporting
  • Dispatching simple fixed routes
  • Messaging to mobile app
  • Geotab Drive

ELD/DVIR Solution

Data Integration

When a customer needs more than the GO System provides in the standard fleet management system, the open API and SDK can be used to move actionable data to the next level. Most IT developers can utilize the industry standard API to bring data into the customers database for use in more customer reports and application integration.

Integrate Your Fleet Data

Weather Radar for Safety

Weather Radar