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Affordable GPS Trackers for A Variety of Fleets

With a $9.95/mo GPS service, most customers do their own installs with OBD vehicle tracking devices to save even more money. The OBD tracking device even includes a “last gasp” battery which transmits a few times after being unplugged.

GPS Tracker Product Line

Fleetistics LITE offers a variety of affordable GPS trackers for various applications. GPS trackers vary from simple OBD plug-ins to equipment trackers with large backup batteries that can run for months with controlled update rates.

Flexible and affordable GPS tracker options expand the number of potential applications to help you drive up your ROI.

  • Low to Mid-Range Service Fees
  • Cellular or Satellite Communication
  • OBD or 3-wire
  • Upgrade to Fleetistics ONE Platform and Keep the Same GPS Units
  • Backup Battery Options
Affordable GPS Tracker
XT-4769 Equipment Tracker

4700 Series

Asset Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Equipment tracking is not the same as vehicle tracking in several ways. The environment typical of equipment tracking is rough, harsh and extreme.

Equipment generally operates in a smaller area with a lot of short back and forth trips. Reduced log rates while in motion make the data easier to understand.

The large backup battery also ensure location is available for inventory and theft protection for over a month without recharging!



Pro Tip

Not all GPS units perform the same even though they may look the same. The GO System offers significantly more robust capabilities for fleets that need more data and features. Speak with a consultant to understand the difference to ensure you get the right GPS solution, for the lowest investment, which resolves your issues.

Upgrade to Fleetistics ONE

Go Pro with Geotab

3-Wire GPS Tracker


When an OBD device does not work, a 3-wire affordable GPS tracker can be used. 3-wire GPS devices have been around since the start of the GPS tracking industry and connected to the vehicle by a constant 12v power, ignition line and ground, typically found by the steering column. 3-wire devices work on almost any piece of equipment, asset or vehicle. The Fleetistics OBD device includes a “last gasp” battery which transmits a few times after being unplugged. The 21XX series is available in GSM or CDMA.



2100 Series

3 Wire tracker

4900 Series

Solar Tracker

Solar Asset Tracker

The 49XX series device is a great GPS tracker for powered and unpowered scenarios. When the device is powered by the vehicle it reports just like a vehicle tracking unit. When there is no vehicle power the solar cell powers the asset tracker and it reports at a reduced rate. This dual mode enables the device to track when assets sit for a long period of time without being able to recharge from the vehicle’s power supply.


Self Install Ready

Harnesses provide additional flexibility for unique situations or certain operational needs. The most popular harness is the Y-harness which is used in conjunction with OBD devices. The Y-harness plugs into the wiring harness coming from the vehicles computer network. The second end of the Y replaces the existing port used by mechanics and the one easily visible to the driver in most vehicles. The third end connects to the GPS device which is then mounted inside the vehicles dash out of sight and reach.

OBD Adapter Harnesses