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“ONE” Platform – All GPS Trackers

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One Platform

Fleetistics ONE – Mix & Match GPS Trackers


The Fleetistics ONE (FONE) platform has a variety of GPS tracking devices to choose from based on various applications. Trackers vary from simple OBD plug-ins to equipment trackers with large backup batteries that can run for months with controlled update rates. All the GPS trackers report to the same user interface for easy and convenient viewing. This flexibility allows customers to match a specific system and price point to the fleet or individual vehicles.

OBD Plug & Play

  • Simple quick install
  • Add a Y-harness to reduce tampering
  • Install it yourself to save money
  • “Last gasp” battery

OBD Fleet Tracker

OBD GPS Trackers

Constant Recharge

Solar GPS Vehicle Tracker

Solar Trailer Tracking

  • Long field life
  • Built for rugged environments
  • IP-67 rated (pressure wash 3+ fee)
  • Large battery used between charges
  • Cellular communication

Satellite Asset Tracker

  • Maintenance free tracker
  • Long battery life
  • Great cover tracking device
  • Rugged IP-67 rated
  • Small form factor
  • Globalstar satellite communication

Globalstar Satellite Tracker

Battery Powered Asset Trackers

3-Wire Tracker

3 wire GPS Tracker

3-Wire GPS Tracker

  • Easy install
  • Connect to constant 12v power, ignition line and ground
  • Works on almost any piece of equipment, asset or vehicle
  • 4G LTE Cellular communication
  • Weatherproof – IP-67

Harness Options

  • Y-harness used with OBD device
  • Keeps OBD port open for mechanic
  • Extension harness option
  • No connecting to wires
  • Cellular communication

Adapter Harnesses

Y harness adapter