Fleet Tracking Alerts

Critical Action Notifications


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FONE Alert Details

Fleet Tracking Alerts for Critical Events


When fleet tracking alert is generated there is a lot of associated information available. The alert is listed by device and can be clicked for more information. The street view enables you to the environment surrounding the violation. Alerts can be set up for any reasons such as zone departure, ignition events and battery depending on the GPS tracking device

Fleetistics ONE alert with street view

Fleetistics ONE System Alerts


Not all situations require an alert. In fact, most exceptions should go into a report that is emailed daily or weekly. Alerts should be reserved for those activities which require an immediate response. Examples may include excessive speed over the posted speed limit, accident type event, driving between midnight and 5 am. Alerts are those things that fleet managers get of bed for or break from a round of golf to address.

fleet tracking alerts

Robust & Flexibile


Choose from a wide variety when configuring a report for individual vehicles or for a group of vehicles. The easy and intuitive wizard makes alert configuration quick and easy. Click the image to view details.

Manage By Exception


Alerts are summarized in a report for a quick review. When an alert is set to enable a screen pop, the user that clears the alert is captured and inserted into the report with a time and date. This is important for fleet safety applications and mobile workers.

FONE Alert Report