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BI reveals actionable data for faster and easier decision making.

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Business Intelligence Services for Enterprise Class Fleets

Data is great but unless the data can be processed by the user, the data may be worthless. Business intelligence (known as BI) is the concept of converting data to actionable information that drives rapid decision making. Graphs and charts aid in the delivery of BI to help users see patterns and make associations to trends.

Geotab Fleet Dashboard

Business Intelligence

With BI you can see data in ways that standard reports do not allow. Custom created graphs, charts and reports can be built to customer specification.

Data can be combined from multiple sources which are controlled by Fleetistics or from customer sources. Various data sources can also be used to show data such as sales and GPS stop times, miles driven and customer locations.

fleet data Business Intelligence dashboard
BI Seatbelt map

Data Visualization

Heat maps are a great tool to understand data in relation to geography but also to territories under a specific manager or management team. Heat maps show how weather may impact fleet safety by showing more harsh braking in winter months or during the rainy season.

Drill Down

Charts and graphs are able to be configured to enable drill down to the raw data. Dashboard can be shared in their entirety by URL or individual elements from the page can be shared by URL. Changes to the dashboard are immediate and utilize a unique caching approach to provide very responsive information on refresh and rollover.

Geotab Asset Utilization Report