Work vs Personal Time & Mileage Log

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Document Activities for Work or Taxes with a Mobile GPS Application

Separate Personal & Work Travel Time and Mileage

If you drive a personal vehicle for work and need to log your work miles or time verse personal miles or time, the Fleetistics mobile app does just that. Users select various options to designate the type of activity. This is then logged for future review in the mobile app and share via an Excel spreadsheet to the users email and to an optional second email for the company’s records. 

Work travel is displayed on the map which can be provided to an employer via screen capture or with an optional integrated service to the MyFleetistics portal. Personal time and travel are not displayed on the map, but the mileage and time are logged and reported to separate them from your work activities. At the end of the day you can receive an Excel spreadsheet via email with an option to cc a secondary email such as an employer. 

Break Time

Log break time within the scope of being on duty for paid breaks.

SOS Alert (not 911 monitored)

The integrated SOS Alert button alerts your designated contact when connected to email and Internet.

Estimate Wages & Fuel Expenses

Enter in your hourly age and cost per gallon and the Fleetistics mobile app gives you estimated costs for each work shift.

personal time tracking-mobile app

Deducting Mileage from Taxes

Most people are aware that mileage can be deducted as an expense for taxes. Conversly, if you are paid mileage reimbursement, it is taxable. What is important in any scenario is good documentation to support your claim. A GPS tracker is a great way to handle this in a company vehicle and the Fleetistics mobile app can provide records if driving a personal vehicle.

Of course, check with your CPA for rules and regulations around reimbursement and tax deductions.

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