Unhappy drivers

are one of the biggest concerns for businesses in Tampa, Florida, and America as a whole. And it costs these businesses money; about $350 million dollars in our country alone. Therefore, the decision to boost driver morale with the help of our GPS tracking can have a direct impact on your staff retention and the quality of drivers you can hire.

You may think that you will harm your driver’s morale by adding dashcams, GPS, and telematics to their vehicles. But the truth is, fleet telematics systems can make your drivers happier with their jobs!

That’s because quality employees like to feel appreciated. If they work hard to perform at a level above the rest, they want to be recognized for it.

But you aren’t psychic and can’t tell which employees are driving safely and being the most productive with their time; Not unless you have technology that collects that data. When you have GPS and telematics installed in your trucks, vans, and other company vehicles, you can easily see which drivers are producing the results you want and reward them.

This not only helps you to make informed decisions based on performance but also allows you to be creative. Boost driver morale by rewarding their performance, which shows in their telematics data. Rewards can come in many forms, including but not limited to a:

  • Raise
  • Bonus
  • Promotion
  • Pizza party
  • Gift card
Boost Driver Morale and Hire Better Drivers

Gamification can boost Driver Morale!

Some businesses create incentives for their drivers by incorporating gamification into the workplace. 

When your company integrates “game thinking,” tools, and technology to engage and motivate your employees, company goals are reached more effectively. This is referred to as “enterprise gamification.” 

Employees that participate are rewarded when they achieve great outcomes for the organization and everyone wins. This not only increases productivity, but it also cultivates a valuable staff.

By creating goals and posting the results, your employees can see exactly how they compare to their coworkers and where they can improve. Many businesses choose to focus on teams instead of individual accomplishments. Targeting reachable goals for an entire group will promote teamwork instead of competition and boost morale as they accomplish each task.

Happy Drivers in Florida with Fleetistics’ Telematics

By facilitating a healthy work culture and positive environment for drivers to grow and develop, you receive a valuable opportunity to better train open-minded employees who want to succeed in your company and do their best.

Telematics allows you to reliably track and reward specific behaviors, while also giving drivers inspiration or a challenge.

By changing the direction of driving requirements and focusing on actionable metrics, Fleetistics’ telematics systems can strengthen the relationship between you and your employees. As a result, performance quality will improve, which in turn will lower anxiety and promote job satisfaction.

Promote happiness and boost morale in your workplace and increase your profit by signing up with Fleetistics today!

Hire Better Drivers

There has been a significant rise in the number of drivers needed in recent years. Both recruiting and retaining drivers has been a serious challenge. So how can Fleetistics help? By attracting the right talent.

When someone applies for an open job position in your company, you hope to achieve a good sense of their work ethic and personality through an interview. 

But how can you tell how well they drive?

When prospective employees are informed that they will be monitored with a dashcam, GPS tracking, and other data collection technology, it’s likely that only honest drivers with integrity will stick around. Employees that like to break the rules or cut corners will find an employer who isn’t paying attention.

Were They Trained Enough?

When you hire a driver, you may not be able to tell how safe and productive they work. Who is the better driver? Even though they may claim to know what they are doing, they may not. 

Instead of waiting for them to get into a vehicle collision or receive a speeding ticket, you can see exactly how well they drive with a glance when you have Fleetistics technology installed in your vehicles. Fleetistics GPS tracking and telematics systems allow you to analyze their driving behavior from the very first day. 

Once the data is collected, your management team can use this information to open a dialog with problematic drivers to advise or re-train them right away. This gives you an opportunity to develop and retain more employees and foster loyalty.

Benefits of telematics - Boost Driver Morale and hire better Drivers

Employee Loyalty

So how does hiring better employees with the help of telematics foster loyalty?

When a company invests in GPS tracking, telematics, and dashcams, it provides honest and hardworking drivers’ security. These technologies not only offer more protection to drivers and their vehicles, but they also provide proof of their good driving habits, work ethic, and company progress. 

When you have the tools to track milestones and results, you can show your employees what they have accomplished and acknowledge their efforts. Once an employee becomes emotionally invested, they are more likely to stay. When you boost driver morale, you reduce your staff turnover!

Promoting Within the Company

Frequently, businesses like to promote employees from within their company before hiring from the outside. But who would be best for the job? When management is faced with this decision, personal bias may sway their decision.

Fraternization, favoritism, and personal judgment can cause some of your best candidates to leave your company. When opinion is used to make decisions instead of data, it can cause exemplary drivers to feel unappreciated and angry.

This concludes our 5-part series about the benefits of telematics and GPS tracking. Telematics helps you to hire better drivers and boost driver morale. However, there are many more advantages. If you have not done so yet, have a look at our previous posts about this subject:

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