Best Dash Cameras for trucks

Discover the latest in truck dashcam technology designed to protect your fleet and ensure driver accountability.


Choose a Plan that Works for You

Some fleet operators need more dashcam coverage and capabilities than others. Some simply want it for insurance reasons, some for operations management. Fleetistics offers a plan for everyone at affordable prices. 

Insurance Plan – Just $11.95 + the data you use. If you don’t use it, you pay just the base rate. If video is needed, Fleetistics downloads and send you a link. 

Pay as You Go – Just $13.95 + the data you use but you download your videos or go live. 

Pro Plan – $16.95 for 500 MB per camera! More data, more access and plenty of video access.

dash cameras for trucks

risk free 30-day trial

Buy a single unit and have it professionally installed. Test it for 30-days. If it does not meet your needs, return it in 5 days and receive a full refund. 

Compare Top Dash Cameras for Trucks

rear view video camera

CrewChief Dashcam

The CrewChief dash camera offers high-definition video recording, real-time GPS tracking, and a low cost insurance program.

Most affordable

1 or 2 Cameras

Cloud Storage

go live

360 degree dash camera system

Rosco Dashcam

The Rosco truck dash camera provides superior video quality, cloud storage, and customizable alerts to keep your fleet secure and efficient.

Up to 5 Cameras

Cloud Storage

Customizable Alerts

Wide-Angle Lens

Top Features of Our Truck Camera System

dash cams for trucks

Real-Time Video Monitoring

Stay connected with your fleet through live video feeds, ensuring safety and compliance at all times.

High-Definition Recording

Capture every detail with crystal-clear HD video, providing indisputable evidence in case of incidents.

Wide View Coverage

Monitor all angles around your trucks with our comprehensive  camera system. Ask about our 5 camera system for side and back video monitoring. 

Advanced Driver Assistance

Enhance driver performance with AI-powered alerts to help improve fleet safety on select systems.

Dash Camera Installation Service

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