When employee safety mattes most


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  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • RFID tag scanning
  • Emergency alerts
    • Man-down detection
    • Panic button
  • Cell Me – cellular communication
  • Alert process
    • Escallation
    • SMS / Email / Call
  • Reports
  • Integrated with GO System interface

Some features may be optional

Lone Worker Solutions

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Lone Worker Features

Lone Worker Safety & Productivity

Protect your most important asset, your people. The Defender offers a robust all-in-one device to keep lone workers safe and productive. The Defender combines 3-6 devices into a single unit for one reasonable investment. Competitors might have the same solutions but it will take multiple devices and multiple investments in equipment, installation and monthly service fees. The Defender is also visible in the GO System user interface which means you can see your vehicle and lone workers in one place.

The Defender can be used independently or with the GO System integrated into the user interface. The GO System provides highly detailed tracking of the vehicle but once the driver leaves the vehicle there is no longer a safety net or method to measure productivity. RFID technology provides positive proof that a worker is where they need to be and helps keep them safe when on foot.
GPS Tracking Device Install OBD.

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The Defender includes an RFID reader which has many applications. The two most prominent are inventory management and verification of location such as a security guard making rounds. The RFID can read passive tags and include them in a standalone web portal access from your MyFleetistics account or as an add-in into the GPS tracking user interface.


Inexpensive passive tags can be placed on items such as tools and key equipment. The Defender can then be used to scan those items which provides you an accurate inventory in real time. The tags are not needed for everything, just the higher dollar value items or high risk items such as pharmaceuticals.

Location Verification

This is a great application for security guards. RFID tags can be placed at various locations through a building or walking route. As the guard makes rounds he/she scans the tag proving to the customer and management that the rounds are being completed as contracted. Since the employee is now on foot, the Defender offers another layer of safety.

Defender Configuration