MOBILE APP for lone workers

Get SOS, asset ID, foot patrol tracking and accident reporting in one app with our custom Priority Notification Service.

Lone Worker safety device

Your Priority Notification Solution

Don’t just manage your fleet—master it with a Lone Worker Safety Device – our CrewChief Mobile App by Fleetistics. Experience the future of fleet management, where communication is seamless, events are tracked with precision, and control is at your fingertips. Upgrade your fleet management strategy today!

  • Lone Worker
  • Internal notification using SMS, toast, email and automated voice call
  • Asset Link & Driver ID
  • Accident Report Form
  • Invisible Mode
  • Waypoint Logging
  • Location Tracking to Web Portal
  • SMS, Email & Voice Notification
  • Proximity Alerts to Other Users


Service is not connected to 911. Requests go to designated employees.


CrewChief Mobile App as a lone worker safety device

CrewChief is a Lone Worker Safety Device service to enable companies to internally monitor key events (not connected to 911)​. Alert key individuals of critical issues outside the noise of the standard telematics alerts and utilizes some Geotab GPS data for vehicle information but can be used without driver ID functionality​.
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CrewChief Mobile App DASHBOARDS

CrewChief not only revolutionizes communication and driver identification but also offers a user interface (UI) that empowers you with unparalleled visibility and control over your fleet. Integration between CrewChief mobile app and our MyFleetistics web portal provides intuitive dashboards with a comprehensive overview, allowing you to navigate and manage your fleet with precision. 

CrewChief Mobile App Dashboards

CrewChief Mobile App Brochure

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I have to say…no lie…customers and salespeople that come into the office are all VERY impressed by the functionality of this display. We use it all day, every day. I’m lost without it.

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