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GPS Fleet tracking and telematics

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Knowing when to fight a lawsuit and knowing when to settle quickly reduces the overall time and expense of inevitable vehicle accidents. The accelerometer in the vehicle tracking device measure g-forces to monitor movement left to right, forward and backward, and up and down. This hypersensitive measurement helps paint a picture of vehicle driving behavior and vehicle accident motion during an accident.

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Fleetistics has been our vehicle GPS tracking provider for almost a year now. We had a great experience with help choosing which tracking system worked best for our budget and needs. I compared about 6 different companies and ended up choosing this vendor because of their industry knowledge. They aren’t just a single device, single solution provider. They know what is available across the board and are much like a broker because they don’t push one solution. I appreciate the service we get if there are any issues, and we had a fast turnaround on a warranty item recently. Highly recommended..”

Fleetistics was our first choice when we decided to start using GPS trackers. It has been their excellent service and guidance that has kept us with them over the previous 7+ years. As we expanded and found the need to implement more complete fleet management and different forms of GPS tracking, they always had a great solution or integration. We get lots of solicitations from the competition, but none even come close. Don’t bother shopping, just choose Fleetistics.

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If you are looking for a fleet management solution that can help you improve your fleet efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety, then Fleetistics is a good option to consider.