A better grasp on your fleet management operations is rooted in a deeper understanding of your commercial vehicles. This will allow you to cut expenses while also increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your business’ operations.

But how can you get the information? By using effective telematics reporting.

What is Effective Reporting?

Flexible reporting customization allows you to tailor the information you receive to match your company’s needs. GPS telematics reporting can offer you a clear picture of your fleet’s productivity by allowing you to compare your fleet’s day-to-day activities. These can help you to identify areas of focus that can improve your drivers’ speed, performance, and profit.

The challenge for fleet management operations is recognizing which information is valuable and why. Fleet managers may achieve this with thorough reporting with Fleetistics.

Fleet Management Operations

Reporting Safety

Some of the most dangerous driving habits include:

  • Speeding
  • No Seatbelt
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Harsh Braking
  • Fast Acceleration

Your telematics system with Fleetistics will provide you with critical data on your drivers’ behavior. The reports can help you to guide your drivers to develop better habits that keep everyone safer. 

In addition, you may use telematics reporting to see how well a particular driver is improving after you have spoken to them or given them additional training.

Some drivers may find it useful because it brings awareness to unconscious habits. They may not know they practice unsafe driving behaviors until you bring it to their attention. As they make a conscious effort to correct those behaviors, reports offer an accurate assessment of how well they are doing.

Track Vehicle Health

Knowing the health of your vehicles can help you to budget more accurately and reduce financial strain, which is a decided benefit for your fleet management operations When you take the time to observe patterns in the repairs you’ve received in the past, it can assist you to plan ahead for the future. By predicting when they will happen, you will reduce the frequency of unexpected commercial vehicle maintenance and eliminate the negative impact it can have on your business. 

Repairs don’t have to be a surprise. You can learn a lot about the health of your commercial vehicle and be easily notified of necessary repairs or regular maintenance requirements.

With Fleetistics’ telematics reporting, you don’t have to depend on your drivers to tell you about noises, smells, or other signs of trouble. You will be alerted if the tire air pressure changes, you need an oil change, or your engine is getting too hot. This also helps your company to stay on top of repairs and maintenance that could develop into more expensive problems if ignored.

Fleet Management Operations with Reporting

Increase Productivity with Reporting

By improving your uptime, you get the most out of your vehicles. To minimize downtime and maximize your ROI, vehicles must be continually moving.

Keep your fleet right-sized as much as possible by considering the time spent:

  • Arrivals 
  • Departure
  • Travel Duration
  • Idle Vehicles
  • Stopped/Unused Vehicles

With these in mind, telematics reporting can provide your fleet management operations with vital information that’s easy to sort through and benefit from.

Use this data to:

  • Optimize Fuel Use
  • Avoid Traffic
  • Schedule Employees
  • Find Better Routes
  • Change Driver Behavior

Fleet Management Operations with Reporting in Tampa Bay

Every day as a fleet manager, there is a lot of data that you have to process.  A lot of work goes into arranging and planning how to use this data to help your business grow and develop. Fleet management software may help you with your planning by providing you with detailed reports that explain only what you need.

When you use Fleetistics management reporting, you can choose what information you want to monitor and what you don’t. Whether you want a real-time report of your driver’s performance and vehicle’s health or you have a specific goal to accomplish, Fleetistics telematics reports can help you to reach your business goals. To see how telematics and telematics reporting can help you, please click here! Get in touch with one of our experts today. 

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