Today’s fleets are more competitive than ever before. You must always be one step ahead of the game if you want to succeed, and integrating technologies can help you to achieve that. App based tracking software may be exactly what you need to increase your company’s bottom line and receive the recognition you deserve. 

Using a mobile fleet tracking application can benefit your fleet in many ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

No GPS Hardware Necessary

You know that to manage your company’s commercial vehicles effectively, you must continually monitor your drivers. But installing fleet management gear isn’t possible in every circumstance. Sometimes you need flexible options. App based tracking allows you to keep track of your drivers regardless of their location or what vehicle they are in.

When you use app based tracking for mobile fleet management, you can receive the benefits of tracking technology without needing hardware installation. The only thing that a driver has to do is download an app to their mobile phone or tablet and turn on location services. After that point, a fleet manager or supervisor will be able to monitor the driver’s performance and track them in real-time.

App Based Tracking for Commercial Drivers

Track Them in Real Time

Many drivers love having a personal assistant in their pocket to help them to record and navigate their location. Fleet managers love that they can receive real-time information about their employees (not just their vehicles).

The use of a mobile tracking app enables fleet managers to monitor:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Location
  • Distance
  • Acceleration
  • Cell Phone Use 

By knowing exactly where your employees are, you can better manage them, even from the comfort of your office. Send teams to particular jobs and designate a leader. While the crews are on the job, you can keep an eye on their progress and see when they are done. 

Direct Communication

You can also send messages and notifications to a specific driver’s smartphone. This can be beneficial as a direct channel for work-related communication when they are on the go. You can also warn them when their driving behavior is dangerous or help to navigate them through traffic.

Using Fleetistics app-based tracking software on a smart device eliminates the need for phone calls to and from your drivers or traveling personnel. Instant messaging makes it possible to communicate at any time and from any location.

Use app based tracking for your drivers

Easily Track Time

It’s simple to keep track of the time your employees spend working. Know when their work day starts and when they leave, as well as their personal time, break time, and overall attendance. When you choose Fleetistics app based tracking, fleet managers will also receive daily reports in their inboxes through email!

App based tracking allows you to record accurate logs automatically. In addition, having the system automated makes it easier to keep track of deliveries. As a result, a driver can focus on driving and less time is wasted on passing along information.

When does App Based Tracking Not Benefit Your Business?

It’s important to realize that apps are not always the right solution for your business. It has limited functionality that could prevent you from collecting data that is important to your company.

For instance, a tracking app will only work where they can receive a signal. If your drivers travel through the city, then signal strength may not be an issue, but if they drive through rural areas, you may run into multiple dead zones.

Dead zones also occur inside many buildings. If your employees walk indoors frequently and lose signal, their location will drift, giving you an inaccurate reading.

Other features like ELD or vehicle diagnostics require telematics hardware installed.

If you are interested in learning more about what app based tracking can do for your company, or if you need GPS hardware to meet your needs, contact us today!

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