Whether it is an advanced telematics system!

, a Global Positioning System (GPS), or simply an app for a smartphone or tablet, having something to collect and report data is extremely beneficial to your business. These electronic devices are referred to as “in vehicle monitoring system” or “IVMS” for short. IVMS are used to sense and send data about the activities of a vehicle and the behavior of the driver.

Today, we will be focusing on one of the most effective electronic devices for in vehicle monitoring  the camera. If you have ever wondered who was to blame for a collision or if your employees are driving safely, a camera will offer you accurate answers and peace of mind.

When you have a dashcam that records outside and in your company vehicles, it can provide you with more access to your driver’s behavior than ever before. In this article, you will discover four incredible ways that a camera included with your in vehicle monitoring system can improve your business.

In Vehicle Monitoring System

1. Help New Drivers Improve

Dashcams and cab-facing cameras allow fleet management teams to receive unparalleled insight. Live footage of their assets and staff can be clearly monitored and recorded for future review. 

Crystal-clear, HD video is an invaluable addition to any in vehicle monitoring system because it reveals a deeper understanding of the data. When driver behavior is risky, it’s easier to sit down with your staff and show them a video than a report sheet. 

An employee cannot deny their own actions caught on camera. Paired with a positive attitude to succeed, the evidence can be used as a learning tool.

Knowing that the camera is always rolling may be worrisome to new drivers, but with supportive guidance and training, they can grow to appreciate it. 

Sometimes it’s hard for new drivers to catch their own mistakes; However, when they see it on screen, it’s impossible to deny. Once they have accepted their bad habits, they can begin to make a conscious effort to remedy them.

2. Cut Training Costs

If you invest in driver evaluations and training, you might give all your drivers the same training. But the cost of that training can be substantial. 

Since in vehicle monitoring systems allow you to continuously monitor driver behavior, you can determine which drivers require training and which ones don’t. Systems using artificial intelligence identify and store the events of interest so you don’t have to comb through hours of video to learn what you need to address. You can also identify what specific areas drivers need more training in to create a strong team of skilled, efficient, and safe employees. 

IVMS with cameras can help you to tailor training around your drivers’ needs. When you customize lessons to their personal skill set, you reduce company costs and increase your entire team’s proficiency.

CrewChief DashCam

3. Eliminate Fraudulent Claims

When collisions occur, dashcam footage can provide hard evidence of who is at fault. You can see exactly how your staff was driving before the incident and if he or she was wearing their seatbelt, texting, or nodding off. 

You can review the video of the crash itself to decide who was to blame and give it to your insurance company to prove it. If your drivers are innocent and fraudulent claims are made, the recorded video footage can give you the edge you need to be found innocent in court. 

This is a big reason why many insurance companies will provide special discounts to businesses that use in vehicle monitoring systems to collect data about fleets and their driving behavior.

4. Increase Employee Morale

When putting in place new systems for monitoring vehicles, it is essential to have an open dialogue about the expectations your company has. Demonstrate to your staff how this contributes to their safety, and then develop a program based on it.

Involve your drivers and present a positive view of the cameras. They are a tool that can assist them in becoming better drivers and protect them from being a victim of fraud.

Inspire them to exhibit positive behavior, and be sure to acknowledge their successes. Establish both group and individual goals for your drivers to present them with a challenge and the opportunity to earn rewards.

In Vehicle Monitoring System Near Me

If you are interested in installing an IVMS in your commercial vehicles in the Tampa Bay Area or anywhere in the US, contact Fleetistics today! We will speak with you about your needs and tailor a solution to suit your company. If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to address them and help you to decide how telematics systems can benefit your business.

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