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Going “green” is more than buying a Prius and doesn’t require getting mini vehicles as seen here. Going green is a mindset of being more efficient with your current assets. It is figuring out how to get more from what you have and then considering “green” resources the next time you need to replace an asset. Maybe small fleet vehicles like those shown are sufficient. Maybe the end result is an increase in your carbon footprint because you have to make three trips for each one made in a large truck. The idea is that you are thinking about how to be green and seeing things through green glasses. As business owners we are searching for cost savings and being stewards of our communities. Being green can provide both.

GPS vehicle tracking and Engine Diagnostics technology affords a way for you to get more from your fleet without changing out assets before absolutely necessary. Using GPS technology to go green means you are going to focus on areas of fleet operations such as routing efficiency, fuel consumption reduction by reducing speeds, fewer miles driven, and fewer vehicles on the road. Fleetistics has witnessed 20% improvements in fleet efficiencies in as little as 90 days without changing out a vehicle! This is going green through operational efficiencies. Don’t be fooled into believing you have to invest in expensive hybrid vehicles.

As you may have read in other articles, Fleetistics can score drivers on driving behaviors that represent operational efficiencies which often translate to green efficiencies. Fleetistics also has a “Green Scorecard” custom written to managers to understand what a green fleet looks like. Our GO product line allows users to customize a standard report in Microsoft Excel and save it back to their account so selected user groups can access is across the organization. What is green to your fleet might be different to someone else. What green steps you are encouraged to take will likely be driven by financial benefits in conjunction with green benefits. There is nothing wrong with this and the savings may lead you to take bolder green steps in the future. With a successful green program you will have more business and funds to continue the improvement process until your company is an industry role model. Give Fleetistics a call to learn how our GPS tracking and fleet Engine Diagnostics solutions can help your fleet go green.

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As a result of this redeployment and the savings associated with not having to add new staff in the over utilized work group we are able to claim a six month payback on our Phase 1 investment even before we made the investment!


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