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Program Overview

GPS Tracking,  Telematics, Engine Diagnostics


Driver ID, PTOs,  Alert, Dashboards

DOAS executed an RFP process and selected Fleetistics as the provider of convenience for GPS tracking and telematics technology to all DOAS fleet. The robust system offers a complete line of fleet management technology that ranges from basic GPS tracking to complex integrated systems. Over 500,000 devices are in service today around the world.

Exclusive online webinars are offered to all DOAS agencies to provide an overview of the technology and help you understand the potential benefits. Wednesday’s 2:00 EST. Click date to register. 



  • Hassle free purchasing
  • “High Definition” GPS tracking
  • Harsh driving behaviors
  • Exception reporting
  • Engine diagnostic codes
  • In-cab driver feedback
  • Email reports
  • Live alerts
  • Dashboards
  • PTO monitoring
  • Detailed trip history
  • User access rights


• Accurate odometer reporting
• Proactive maintenance
• Fewer accidents
• Accountability
• Efficiency
• Reduce fuel expenses
• Increase productivity
• Accurate timecards
• “Right size” fleet
• Customer Service
• Emergency response time
• Lower workers compensation
• Fewer lawsuits, lower payouts


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GPS Installation Video

Getting Started

Implementing GPS Tracking


DriveTRAX How's My Driving


Independent Truck Driver ELD

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Primary Contact

Primary Contact

GA Gov't Telematics Consultant

Kim Thoman

877.467.0326 x3010

Secondary Contact

Secondary Contact

Sr. Sales Consultant

Brandon Santiago


DOAS Contact

Business Analyst

Jim Sever


Download Our Buyers Guide

Download Our Buyers Guide

Our GPS tracking buyer's guide is a valuable tool that will help you on your journey as you begin to explore all that GPS tracking has to offer. This detailed overview of what GPS tracking will give you the tools you need to help you gather information and compare systems so you can make an informed decision.

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