Small to Medium Fleet Management

Basic vehicle tracking at an affordable price

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Dots on a Map GPS Tracking

1 minute update rate when in motion

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Standard Reports

Basic start and stop report and few others

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Cost Effective

Small fleet operators are price sensitive and need a GPS tracking system for basic accountability. As the fleet grows switching to a more capable system makes sense for more complex operational challenges.

Start & Stop Report

Knowing where you vehicle stopped, how long they were stopped and the route they took to get to each stop is the basic, yet still most valuable information provided by GPS vehicle tracking technology. The Fleetistics LITE platform delivers this and a little more to keep accountability and efficiency moving in the right direction.

Equipment Options

The LITE platform may be simple but there are still several device options including OBD, 3-wire, heavy duty and rugged. All come with a backup battery ranging from “last gasp” to large long-lasting.

Who Generally Invests in This System?

Small to Medium Fleets

Companies that are looking for the most affordable GPS tracking platform in order to get basic accountability and oversight of daily driving activity. Companies that invest in this vehicle tracking system should be ready to scrap it and upgrade in 3-5 years with moderate company growth and an increase on the complexity of fleet operations.

Little to Basic Integration

The LITE platform offers an API for integration but it is fairly simple. A data only option is available for fleet operators that only want the GPS data for other applications. Customers should not expect the scope and flexibility for integration with LITE compared to other systems from Fleetistics

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