Fleetistics ONE Maps

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Vehicle Tracking Map

The basic vehicle route shows the details needed to understand the route traveled and location of stops. There are a variety of options the user can select to get more information or to refine the map view including satellite view. Google maps ensure up to date and complete mapping information, satellite and hybrid views.

Fleet Tracking Maps

As much as we enjoy great looking custom reports, maps remain the primary use of most fleet management systems for the average field user. Field service manager review maps at a glance and generally understand if they need to review reports for specific drivers. When the driver runs the route on time and the map track looks good (no off route trips or exceptions), the manager can move to spot check the next driver.

Fleet Details on Map

The color on the left edge corresponds to the vehicle group. Hovering over the color bar brings up details and stats on the vehicle in he middle gray bar. This convenient data reduces the amount of reports which must be viewed.

Drill Down

Drill down on the individual vehicle and view statistics on things such as miles, stop time, engine hours and more. Again from the convenience of the map. From here you can create zones, alerts and add a location.



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