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Harnesses enable fleet managers to work with a wide variety of fleet vehicles and assets. Most fleet have many type of vehicles and one GPS tracking system might work, but it might not work well across most of the fleet. The GO device is the common variable and acts as the “brains of the operation” while harnesses enable interfacing with many different fleet systems or vehicle types.

Flexible Harness Options

J Bus Vehicle Tracking Harness

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Since not all OBD connectors are the same an industry first universal harness has been developed. The OBD on an F-150 is different than an OBD on a Sprinter. Chevrolet has it’s own configure and protocols adding to the complexity. The universal harness helps ease installation of the GO GPS tracking system which utilize the OBD port.

IOX expanders enable interaction between the GO GPS tracker and 3rd party aftermarket technology used by fleet operators such as Garmin units, smart phone or tablets. There are over 100 integration partners that significantly expand the possibilities for fleet customers.

Universal GPS Harness


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The thieves were apprehended and all of our equipment and truck was recovered unharmed! This occurred at about 2:00 PM, 15 minutes later. The police were impressed at how accurate the system was because I was able to give the exact address when the truck had been taken and they were on the scene immediately.

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