Electronic Logging Device for FMSCA Compliance

One Platform for ELD, HOS, DVIR, Dispatch, IFTA

FMCSA/CSA Compliance

Remaining compliant with ELD hours of service regulations is a complex, time consuming and expensive requirement. Traditional paper driver logs have required regular and extensive adjustments due to driver error, forgetting to complete the logs and not knowing how to properly complete the logs. Additionally, faulty driver logs put the fleet operator at risk of being fined by the Department of Transportation. Fortunately, paper driver logs are now being replaced by Automatic On Board Recording Device (AOBRD).

FMSCA Ruling – December 18, 2017

For carriers using AOBRDs (automatic onboard recording devices) before the rule compliance date December 18, 2017, the rule will replace AOBRDs with ELDs over a four-year implementation period. Read full ruling

An ELD synchronizes with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time, for easier, more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording. The rule applies to most carriers and drivers who are required to maintain RODS. Read more

Simple Driver Interface

AOBRDs have proven to save fleet managers 60+ man-hours needed to administer driver logs. Fleetistics’ new AOBRD platform connected to the GO device offers DOT compliance, HOS compliance and FMSCA compliance for about 50% less than traditional systems.

Easy to Understand

The  GO Drive HOS form factor moves driver logs off paper and online. Each time a driver logs on or off duty, drives or rests, the system automatically calculates their available drive time and hours of available service for a 7 or 8 day week. The Geotab HOS device also allows for tracking drivers as part of a team using a sleeper birth, exceptions for emergencies and non-drive time but still on duty time for the day or week.

Monitor Trailers & Tractors

The final piece of the puzzle is trailer tracking. In many dynamic trucking environments, tractors pull multiple trailers in one day or over the course of a week. With GO Drive fleet managers can again track which trailers are attached to which tractors in real time at no additional investment. The driver simply enters the trailer number on the MDT and off he/she goes.

IFTA Filing Made Easy

The GO System provides IFTA compliant mileage by state as part of the base service. Having a professional service handle your IFTA rebate filing can reduce staff and improve accuracy. Reports can be emailed to any IFTA filing provider or Fleetistics can recommend a service which uses the GO System reports today. Read more


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