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Second-by-Second GPS Tracking

ExacTrax provides the highest resolution tracking available, allowing you to get a more complete and detailed view of your fleet’s operation.

High Definition Tracking

Fleetistics’ ExacTrax offers high definition GPS tracking data with second-by-second insight into your fleet’s day. For every second of a driver’s trip you can see speed, violations and much more. No other GPS tracking solution will give you this level of detail.

Additional Features

  • Productivity Tracking
  • Hours of Service
  • Dispatching
  • Driver Risk & Safety
  • IOX System
  • Savings with GPS Tracking
  • and More

Who Generally Invests in This System?

Large and Enterprise Class Fleets

Due to the wide variety of equipment and service options, large fleets invest in this platform. The scope of the platform provides maximum flexibility to meet future needs – “future proof”. Fleet operators can start with just basic Base Mode service and upgrade as requirements change such as the need for ELD. The modular nature of both the equipment and service can be applied from the fleet level down to the individual vehicle.

Smaller Fleets with More Complex Needs

There are plenty of customers with 2 trucks on the GO Platform. Some owners are just technology or gadget geeks while others have more complex operational requirements. Other fleet operators recognize the flexibility of the platform so they know they have options as their operation grows.

Data Integration

The GO platform offers the greatest amount of flexibility for data integration. An SDK and free APIs allow any company to connect to the GPS tracking and telematics data being collected.

High Resolution Tracking

The GO System offers second-by-second resolution making for the same price as systems providing 1-2 log points. In ProPlus mode the location is updated about every 20-30 seconds and the track in between is then inserted. This level or resolution to price ratio is the best in the industry.

EDL, DVIR, IFTA, Dispatch

Yes, you can get all of these with the GO Platform. You can mix and match these services and add them to specific vehicles. There are several options for tablets and Garmin devices and Fleetistics can provide you competitive data plans and mobile device management security.

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