Asset Recovery

Why Choose VLU Series?

VLU-1000 is the perfect solution for stolen vehicle recovery. It is designed for covert installation and provides location services on an as-needed basis.

Learn more about the VLU-1000 below.

Inexpensive Vehicle Recovery

Designed with the “buy here, pay here” car sales industry in mind, the VLU is focused on vehicle location and recovery. After installation, vehicles can be instantly located on an interactive map. This helps in the event of missed payments or vehicle disappearance.

AT-5000 Vehicle Recovery

Convenient “Pay As You Go” Pricing

Instead of traditional GPS tracking, the VLU is designed to be used on an as-needed basis. After installation, you receive 20 credits. When you need to locate a vehicle, you use two of those credits to retrieve the location information. The credits can be applied fleet-wide. This means you don’t have to purchase credits for each individual vehicle. When you run out of credits, simply purchase more!

Easy to Use

On top of these great features, one of the best things about the VLU-1000 is ease-of-use. You’ll be up and tracking in no time after configuration on the simple computer interface. Choose which alerts to receive and who to receive them, then you’re done!

AT 5000 Vehicle Recovery

Fleetistics VLU Series

VLU Presentation (PowerPoint)

VLU Presentation (PDF)

Watch the power of community-built map development. It is used for travel in remote areas, like oil and gas exploration sites. OSM can be selected to integrate with devices if Google Map does not cover your service area.



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