Promote From Within Based on Performance

Evaluating driving habits based on GPS tracking data is a given, but have you thought about using that data as a basis for evaluating worthiness for promotion? In many companies, replacing a driver is not easy to do, so deserving drivers may be passed over for promotion when they are actually the best candidates for that open supervisors position. Keep in mind, your best drivers are probably the best choice for training new drivers as well.

Advantages to Promoting From Within

Many sources have weighed in on the advantages of promoting from within. Here are a few good reasons to consider.

  • Current employees already know your internal processes and who to go to for what, which gets them up to speed in a new position faster.
  • An upward growth path motivates drivers to stay longer and excel at their jobs.
  • There is less risk in promoting someone you have a history with.
  • Other employees are encouraged when they see their peers promoted, creating loyalty.

How can the GPS data help?

Chances are you are already familiar with how your drivers drive. Perhaps you have used a gamification app to promote competition between drivers to improve safety performance. Additionally, considering metrics like the length of stop, the number of stops per day, and revenue per stop will give insight into how each driver relates to your customers as well as how focused he or she stays on their work.

A driver that generates more profit than other drivers can probably help the others to learn how he or she does that. Identifying the drivers that excel in specific areas and enlisting them to help other drivers improve in those areas is a great way to positively impact overall team performance. It also helps them to develop supervisory skills. Monitoring these metrics will show you who your shining stars are, and promoting them to supervisory positions will benefit them as well as the organization.

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In researching this post we found a few articles that resonated with us and may be helpful to you in developing a strategy for promoting from within.


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