Covert GPS Tracking

Covert GPS tracking and portable tracking devices is a specialty area that is often sought out by law enforcement and private investigators. Covert GPS tracking which is portable in nature is used to randomly monitor assets can spot check employee performance. In some cases, GPS trackers are used to track adults, children, bags, and packages. Individuals with a significant personal wealth may use a GPS tracker in case of a kidnapping. Some high ranking politicians and global leaders wear GPS trackers in their clothing just in case.

Key Features for Covert GPS Tracking

Of all the variables, battery-life is the hardest to manage. Batteries are a limiting technology but there have been major improvements the last few years allowing for practical application of battery power systems.

The GL320 pictured has an internal battery and an extended battery option as seen in the picture. The GL320 is an ideal covert GPS tracking system for police to tail suspects from a distance for days or weeks depending on the amount of driving.


Resolution is another key function of GPS tracking. GPS trackers manage how a GPS device logs data, transmits, it how long it stays “awake”, how quickly it “wakes up” and more to conserve battery power.

The GL320 can be used for tracking people on foot, in a car, or on an asset.

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Magnetic Case

To minimize the size for covert GPS tracking, the GL320 can be placed inside a special weatherproof box. In this small case, the tracker can be placed almost anywhere on a vehicle, trailer, ATV, generator, mower, or other frequently stolen asset.


Weatherproof Magnetic Case for Covert Tracking

Law enforcement needs to hide the GPS tracker on a suspects vehicle or asset for as long as possible. Every time a GPS unit has to be swapped out due to a lower battery, the police run the risk of being discovered.

Extended Battery

An extended battery is essential to a covert GPS tracking solution. Depending on how the GPS device is configured and the amount of driving, an extended battery can make an enormous difference in the practical application for law enforcement.


Cellular Coverage

Covert trackers typically rely on cellular communication. Communication satellites require line of site or an unobstructed “view” to the sky making satellite tracking impractical.

Cellular networks do not work everywhere but coverage often good enough. Cell signals can bounce off the ground or vehicle and still reach a cell tower.

Wearable GPS Tracking Applications

Carrying or wearing a covert GPS tracker has many applications. Search and rescue teams or animals can carry one in their pack to enable the incident command center (ICC) to monitor teams for safety and efficiency. SWAT members can wear them to ensure proper placement and a closed perimeter.

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