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Safety & Operations


At the end of the day, it is about coming home to family and friends. Sometimes criminals have other plans for law enforcement officers.

Covert Tracking and Surveillance


Covert tracking is a core technology for law enforcement. The small (3.07 x 1.57 x 1.05) GL320MG is ideal for tracking people or packages. When added to a weatherproof Pelican case with the robust extended battery, covert vehicle tracking becomes easy from a computer or the mobile app.

Without Reporting: 480 Hours
3 Min Reporting: 96 Hours
5 Min Reporting: 260 Hours
10 Min Reporting: 300 Hours

Queclink GL320MG
Queclink EBK
Queclink EBK with magnetic box
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law enforcement tracking

Tactical Advantage for Law Enforcement


Knowing where people and assets are at all times improves officer safety and operational efficiency.

When establishing a perimeter, you can see gaps in a neighborhood perimeter. You can monitor the patrol patterns of regular cruisers to ensure equitable community service. Knowing the last known location in the event an officer needs assistance, but can’t see a street sign, or use the radio, can be life or death.

Establishing A Perimeter


By knowing the location of all officers and vehicles, field supervisors can quickly coordinate operations.

Street patrol and SWAT can use a combination of vehilce tracking and personal tracking to establish a perimeter. Geotab’s GO9 vehicle tracking and Fleetistics’ personal tracker or mobile app tracker create a quick reference for the commander on scene.

Police Search Perimeter



Keeping the fleet on the road is an important part of policing. Unplanned downtime leads to inefficient operations, stress on other officers and increased vehicle recovery and maintenance expenses. By knowing the DTCs from all vehicles, maintenance personnel can monitor, prioritize and schedule maintenance. Simply knowing the odometer and engine light signal is a big improvement for many law enforcement agency maintenance operations.

Sting Ops & Bait Cars


Because the personal tracker GPS tracker is battery powered and has a very sensitive GPS antenna, it provides unique opportunities for covert tracking as seen in the images. With the optional weatherproof enclosure, you can quickly attach it to a sting vehicle for safety or a suspect vehicle. The pager-size personal tracker can also be inserted in packages, bags and other portable items that need to be tracked live using the AT&T cellular network.

Auto Theft - track a bait car