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Suitability of Electric Vehicles

Without solid telematics data, fleet managers are left to assume EVs are suitable for their fleet. The good news is with Geotab telematics devices in your fleet, you have all of the tools needed to make an informed decision if electrification will indeed lower costs and help you meet your carbon reduction goals. Geotab is also leading the industry in providing? the reports and alerts needed to better manage electric vehicles once deployed.

Your connected vehicles are delivering daily driving distance to compare to electric vehicles range estimates. They deliver fuel consumption based on engine diagnostic data. Accurate data on how far vehicles must be able to travel and how much fuel they burn will be at the core of any financial comparison model. Also to be considered are routine maintenance, the projected cost of repairs, and cost of charging infrastructure.

Monthly Transportation Energy Expense

What are your Green goals?

Many fleets have well-written green initiatives with specific goals. Others are just thinking green one agenda item at a time, hoping to make greener decisions on a case by case basis. Either way, Fleet Managers and Purchasing Agents are giving serious thought to electric vehicles for the future. The total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle weighed against its environmental impact tells the whole story.

Some of the largest fleet operations worldwide are committed to converting their fleets to electric vehicles. They anticipate immediate fuel savings as they reduce carbon emissions and that is a win-win, but electrification may not be the best choice for all vehicles doing all jobs. Geotab’s Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) makes it possible to receive EV procurement recommendations that fit each vehicles driving profile while also understanding the total cost of ownership when switching to EVs.

EV Friendly Telematics

Not all telematics devices are EV Friendly. You need to be certain that your fleet management system fully supports the data generated by electric vehicles. EVs have unique metrics that need to be leveraged to ensure you can maximize their performance and range for the desired return on investment.

There are no mandatory standards, so telematics providers must develop their systems specific to makes and models of EVs. Be sure to take the time to confirm that the EVs you have now, and any models you are considering will be fully supported. Geotab has the reputation and track record of supporting telematics for the broadest range of vehicle makes and models, ever since the earliest telematics devices were introduced.

EV Charging Stats

Geotab EV-Charge-Stats

Reporting Examples

EV-Map Tracker

Electric Vehicles – Specific Reports and Alerts

With EVs you need to stay on top of things that are not so critical with internal combustion engines. State of Charge (SOC) is just one example. Knowing the state of charge tells you if a vehicle can make it to one more job today and still get back to the charging station. Being able to see the SOC displayed on the map allows you to easily see the closest vehicle to a job with sufficient charge to make the round trip.

Real-time charging status is another key piece of data. Is a vehicle connected but not charging? Did a driver forget to plug in? Being able to monitor charging status along with the state of charge percentage assures vehicles will be charged and ready when needed.

Real-time alert notifications for low SOC, charging complete, and malfunctions during charging are necessary to fully optimize your EV use. It is also beneficial to be able to monitor how much energy is recovered through regenerative charging when braking or downhill driving. Being able to charge vehicles during off-peak hours when electricity costs are lower will dramatically increase your ROI. With hybrid vehicles, PHEVs, reports that detail the combined electric energy and gas consumed are critical to ensure that no PHEV is running solely on gas. Geotab telematics provides all of that data.

Combating Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is the fear that an EV will not have enough range to complete its duty cycle on a single charge, forcing it to return to base in order to recharge. It is often cited as one of the main reasons fleets have not yet made the switch to EVs. Using the alerts and reports from an EV friendly telematics system to manage both use and charging not only solves range anxiety, but gives you the data needed to identify where EV adoption is most beneficial. Location information also allows you to locate commercial charging stations near your vehicle. With Geotab advanced telematics data you can optimize your fleet and your EV usage for maximum ROI.

Fleet EV-Charger Location

Cost Per 100 Miles Evaluation Example