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GPS Tracking for Landscapers Improves Safety & Mitigates Liability


GPS tracking for landscapers solves many common issues faced by landscape professionals. Safety is a major concern that everyone faces. One very expensive aspect of safety is vehicle accidents. Wrecks effect fleet expenses, insurance costs, and open frightening liability issues. What would eliminating one major accident do for your bottom line?

A second area is productivity. Everyone knows how slowly employees go to job sites and how quickly they can return at the end of the day. Landscape managers worry about crews that overlap service areas, padded time sheets, and time wasted at the office in the morning. GPS tracking for landscapers solves these and many other important issues by providing detailed information on vehicle activity. Fleetistics will show you how to spot low productivity and drive up your profits.

Full-Featured Vehicle & Asset Tracking


  • Confirm that the route was run efficiently
  • Monitor time spent getting fuel and taking lunch breaks
  • Track time at customers location for job costing, invoicing, and on-time service
  • Reduce wages by taking the “rounding” out of the timecards and personal business on company time
  • Elimination of after-hour driving if vehicles go home with techs
  • Reduce fuel consumption, accidents, and maintenance with slower speed
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Customized Solutions


Fleetistics has the experience and resources to help you measure your field operations and fleet use. We can then teach you how to turn GPS tracking data into business intelligence to drive your business. We have worked with the largest companies in the landscape industry on multi-state deployments and with small companies with fleets of just a few trucks.

Our capable project management staff can be on site to oversee unit installation, application deployment, and conduct specialized training. For smaller companies with smaller budgets, we offer online services to provide the right level of support.

Equipment theft is another concern that can be addressed with GPS tracking for landscapers. Zero turn mowers have become invaluable to the landscape industry and are popular targets for criminals. Being able to see where the mower is, and be alerted when it moves form where it should be an curb theft and possible lower insurance rates.

Insight You Can Use


Fleetistics GPS tracking for landscapers provides insight into aspects of your business you have not been able to see. Do you think your employees would drive slower, provide the proper lawn treatment, spend the right amount of time with a customer, and be sure not to stay too long at the gas station if you were riding with them?

GPS technology might not resolve all your issues, but we provide measurable information to help you make better business decisions. We know that what you can’t measure, you can’t manage. Consider the many other measurements you have in place and the value of those assets.

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