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Mobile App Tracking

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Motorcycle tracking and ATV tracking for farming applications

Small Equipment & Motorcycle Tracking

Fleetistics has a tracking solution for almost any application. Motorcycle tracking is a small part of our business, but we offer a solution because many business owners ride motorcycles, drive ATVs, or utility vehicles. When it comes to motorcycle tracking, it is important to keep in mind your GPS unit must be rugged and operational at all times. There are a few asset trackers well-suited for tracking small motorized vehicles because they are IP-67 rated and are equipped with backup batteries.


Theft Recovery, Safety & Productivity


The benefits of small asset and motorcycle tracking are extensive. As a business owner, tracking gives you control over all vehicles you own, fleet or personal. Motorcycle tracking provides the opportunity to view vehicle location in the event of theft, live tweeting, or even for productivity sake. In some industries, all terrain vehicles are an important part of daily operations. Loss of these assets can be crippling for a business involved in Industries like pond maintenance, surveying, oil field exploration, and wildlife management.

Insurance companies even recognize the value in GPS tracking for vehicles. Check with your insurance company for discounts to help offset the investment.

Covert tracking

ATVs, UTV, & Motorcycle Tracker


The Fleetistics FLT-VL02 motorcycle tracker is the most economical device provided by Fleetistics. It offers small form factor, backup battery and weatherproof design. The device is ideal for motorcycle tracking. In fact, Fleetistics employees use it on our personal motorcycles and vehicles! Visit our public MyFleetView map to catch one of us riding.

GO Rugged

Interested in your utility vehicle tracking data looking exactly like your GO System data? We have the GO Rugged device option which can be integrated into your GO System account. There is a larger investment, but businesses will find value in integration with current systems and a familiar, stable platform. The device does not have a backup battery, but the components are fully-potted, which means a compound has been placed around the internal components to dampen the effects of vibration and impact. GO Rugged is also IP-67 rated.

We offer different plans for GO Rugged device coverage. Contact us to discuss your options.

GPS Installation

Regardless of the type of asset, the process is essentially the same, and with a little mechanical knowledge, it should be a do-it-yourself job. When positioning the GPS unit, place it away from signal-blocking heavy metals, and areas prone to scraping or pressure washing.

Always test the tracking performance from the mobile app to ensure the GPS tracker is reporting effectively. If you see issues, move the device to a new location.