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Route4Me Planning, Dispatch & Optimization

Fleetistics provides Route4Me optimization software to help power logistics intense businesses: We help companies simplify the complex process of planning, routing, and dispatching assets and drivers and analyzing their performance to increase revenue and reduce costs.

An easy to use Software-as-a-Service with cloud-based web & mobile applications to help

  • Clients with multiple trucks to Plan, Optimize, Dispatch, and Manage basic to complex routing
  • Dispatch work orders live to and manage field personnel via a paperless mobile app solution
  • For those managing a mixed fleet it is a unification tool that displays multiple GPS tracking providers and devices on a single user interface
  • Seamless integration with Geotab

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Route4Me Routing Software

Map & Visit Your Customers With Route4Me

Map, search, and categorize your customers & prospects using Fleetistics’ popular routing suite of desktop and mobile applications. If you’re a new business, you can enter customer information every time you close a new account. And, if you’re already established – you can upload thousands of customers at one time. As business continues to grow, you can setup sales and delivery territories.

Once addresses are loaded, just select the ones you want to visit, or easily plan a new route by drawing a region around customers that need to be visited on the Route4Me address book map. You can even specify the exact time at which a customer should be visited.

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Fleet Route Optimization

Route4Me Optimized Routing Generates Huge Impact

Enjoy our two part discussion about all things routing with Sean Stenson. We asked Sean some tough questions to get you the answers you are looking for. Learn how automating your routing process can be a game changer.

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See All Your Optimized Routes

If you have multiple routes and drivers, Fleetistics routing applications provides an overview of your entire operation. Re-assign drivers and vehicles, move an address from one route to another, and track route progress in real-time.

In addition to our fleet routing optimization capabilities, your Fleetistic account is connected to our Mobile Apps, so that drivers and customers immediately get notified of changes you make, and you see every address, order, note, picture, video, and modification they make inside your account.

Instantly See Helpful Info About Your Operation

You’ll see your business in a clearer way because we’ll show you detailed mileages, route manifests, and fuel cost dollars saved. In addition to detailed driving costs, each address on a route can capture extended information such as revenue, cost, and service time.

You don’t need to be an expert with math or accounting software. Everything related to your operation is automatically calculated and can be used to make common business decisions. In a few clicks you can see helpful info about a specific route, driver, or region.

Track Route Progress, Take Pictures, Add Videos, Notes, and More

Fleetistics provides the only route optimization software on the market which has iPhone, iPad, and Android applications which permit you to attach notes and media to any stop on your route.

You and your drivers, users, customers, or employees can mark each location as visited, departed, have sign-on-glass eSignatures, and you can see all notes, media, and track all progress from everyone in your company instantly within your Fleetistics account. Arrival and departure times in the route manifest update as soon as a check-in or check-out happens.